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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Column: The nation should say no to FOCA

FOCA would repeal all state abortion laws in Missouri.

Marcus Bowen

March 17, 2009

Before we begin our conversation this week, I wanted to take just a few minutes to look back over the past week. In last week's column, we discussed the proposed "transgender non-discrimination policy." I called on our student government to realize that, though no one "deserves to be discriminated against we can't make rules for everything."

After receiving a week's worth of e-mails and phone calls on both sides of this issue, I am convinced I was right in asking the Missouri Students Association to move on to more important topics. One student leader e-mailed me to explain how a few people can hijack the entire student government until a few self-serving concerns are met. Another student put it best when he said he "advocates working for the larger group rather than petty individuals." I applaud these members of our community and hope their leadership, along with the upcoming elections, will produce a more reasonable, practical and mature student government for all of MU.

I have decided not to mention the names of the fine student leaders who contacted me. Mentioning their names would only subject these students to the same barrage of hate mail I have received over the past week. Some students who wrote me over the past week chose to attack more than just my column. In the name of "tolerance," a few students attacked my character and even my family.

This is just ridiculous. It has always seemed odd to me that those who most loudly proclaim themselves to be "tolerant" are often least able to tolerate opinions contrary to their own. I did enjoy reading your e-mails this week. This column is a conversation. If you disagree with me, please let me know.

This week, I wanted to spend just a few minutes on a U.S. Senate bill known as the Freedom of Choice Act. This measure defines abortion, even during the third trimester, as a "fundamental right." This bill would overturn the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

Partial-birth abortion is a heinous, disgusting and deplorable procedure; it serves no medical purpose and has no place in an advanced, civilized nation like the U.S.

FOCA has plenty of side effects: this law would supersede, and essentially repeal, all state-level abortion laws. It would repeal Missouri state laws that require parental notification for minors, restrict late-term abortions and require the disclosure of the physical and emotional risks of abortion. It would also outlaw provisions that allow pregnant women to view ultrasounds before they choose abortion.

These proposed changes are very hard to stomach. The federal government is wrong to try to force a radical abortion agenda on Missouri.

I applaud Jefferson City legislators for passing resolutions this year that articulate Missouri's opposition to FOCA. I call on our representatives in Washington to remember how President Barack Obama promised to "restore science to its rightful place." For more than 36 years, this country has allowed abortion to continue.

We now know that a baby's heartbeat begins just 22 days after conception. It is time that science is restored to its rightful place. It's time to remove this scar from our nation's soul. It's time that our nation take the moral high ground and end the genocide by saying no to abortion, and especially to FOCA.

Marcus Bowen is a former vice president of the MU College Republicans and serves with the Jackson County Republican Party. He can be reached at

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