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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Letter to the Editor: MU should continue work toward alternative energy

Sept. 22, 2009

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I'm really glad you wrote about the Missouri students' rally for coal-free energy on Wednesday. It's a really important issue to address.

From blowing off mountain tops in mountain top removal mining to toxic coal ash disposal, everything in coal power generation is incredibly destructive. An important example of this is coal plants emit nearly 40 percent of our nation's carbon dioxide emissions, significantly contributing to global warming. Recent studies have predicted that Missouri will look more like Texas by this century's end and agricultural yields will drastically decline due to extreme weather and climate changes if emissions aren't dramatically reduced.

Fortunately, we can eliminate coal and continue powering the country. Alternative energy is the future. With our current economic state, there isn't a better time to phase out coal and implement clean energy jobs.

This is why Mizzou is ready and already accomplishing great things to phase out coal and lead the way into the cleaner future responsibly. Mizzou has already cut power needs while saving money, like the $4.6 million energy management has saved annually from conservation efforts. We're on the right track, but there is much more we can do to lead in alternative energy.

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Sept. 25, 2009 at 3:22 p.m.

Gary: I'm all for reduced pollution but let's stop the insanity with "global warming", the new religion of statists worldwide with Barack Obama and Al Gore leading the charge. The founder of the Weather Channel considers global warming as the biggest scam of the century. Leaders in the EU are beginning to see that it's a farce and the public needs to be aware of the facts (, realizing first and foremost that the global warming crowd refuses to acknowledge that water vapor makes up all but about 2% of the totality of greenhouse gases. We need to quit falling for the propaganda and see that man-made GHG's make up a very tiny portion of the total GHG's in the atmosphere. Yes, alternative energy is the future, but for the right reasons - energy security and independence and less pollution - not as some sort of utopia prematurely forced into our energy system (look where that's gotten wind energy so far), but rather when the market decides it has become cost competitive and practical. The 4.6 mil MU has saved would have been wiped out if it was powered by alternative energy, given how expensive it is to make per kW/h. MU should continue its efforts, all the while keeping in mind that we are currently in a state of global COOLING and have been for 10 years.

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