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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Black and Gold soundtrack to feature artists from MSA concerts

Tracks by Wale, B.O.B. and Chiddy Bang are featured on the mixtape.

Fliers just weren’t cutting it this year. After hosting a series of concerts, Missouri Student Association and Graduate Professional Council of College Music has released a soundtrack mixtape as a way to promote their concerts. The mixtape, called Black and Gold, has 21 tracks from artists including: B.O.B, XV, Chiddy Bang, Wale and The Dean’s List, all of which have appeared at concerts organized by MSA.

“We are featuring artists from every single show we had this semester, so if the student hasn’t necessarily heard the artist before, it is an opportunity for them to hear it, like it and end up going to the concerts,” said Katie Bickley, senior chair of MSA/GPC College Music.

The mixtape also includes shout-outs from various artists, such as B.O.B and Chiddy Bang. Chiddy Bang encourages students to join him for his concert Wednesday. The aim of these shout-outs is to personalize the mixtape and make it more than just a tracklist of songs. However, some students expected a bit more.

“They weren't much more than just starting their song with ‘What’s up, Mizzou?’ or something like that, which is cool, but an entire song dedicated to Mizzou would have been better,” sophomore Andrew Carter said.

The mixtape is available for download online free of charge. Charging for the mixtape was never an option because it is primarily a marketing strategy to promote music and support these artists that had taken the time to perform at MU, said Diane Vadnal, a junior chair of the organization.

“Students love free stuff, and it wasn't even a question of whether or not to make students pay,” Vadnal said.

In terms of genre, the mixtape focuses on hip hop because all artists that have performed this semester can be classified in that category.

“It represents Mizzou well because I feel hip hop is very popular on campus,” Carter said.

The mixtape track list only includes the songs that were featured in MSA concerts rather than general hits from each artist. The mixtape was downloaded 300 within two days of hitting the web.

MSA promoted the mixtape at the Wale concert.

“Every person that got a ticket to Wale actually got a hard copy of it during the last week of sales,” Bickley said. “When we ran out of hard copies, they got a slip of paper with the download link on it.”

MSA surveyed students last year to discover which artists students from various demographics prefer to see at MU. The selection of concerts chosen this semester was a direct result of the survey.

“Pretty much (the artists) we brought up this semester had showed up on that survey and we were able to find out which demographics they were hitting and strangely enough, all the artists appealed to different demographics,” Bickley said.

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Article comments

Dec. 10, 2010 at 4:29 a.m.

Katie Bickley: Hello - The mixtape actually featured Chiddy Bang and The Dean's List, not Chiddy Bang and B.o.B. B.o.B is featured on the mixtape with two tracks off his mixtapes. Also, the mixtape wasn't necessarily just about Mizzou - it was replacing one that we were going to do with just the songs from artists this semester, the shout-outs were an idea from the agent actually (I can give you his name if you want to speak to him about it and his thoughts on it) Also: the mixtape didn't focus on hip hop because that's what all of the artists we brought were. We actually opened the school year with Ludo, which brought out over 2,250 people. That show just happened to have passed: the artists featured for this were upcoming ones, because it was a promo tool. I really like the article and sorry if these corrections come off as abrasive. We definitely want everyone to download it, because it IS for Mizzou students and I think the custom shoutouts are something truly unique that students will appreciate.

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