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Monday, September 25, 2017

_One Life Stand_ fails to inspire listeners

Feb. 16, 2010

Electronic juggernaut Hot Chip might have missed with their decidedly downbeat One Life Stand. The British electro-pop group's follow-up to its overwhelmingly exciting dance album Made in the Dark leaves some sort of void. The new album starts off strong with the song, "Thieves in the Night," which is only surpassed by the heavy, yet energetic song, "Hand me Down Your Love."

Lead singer Alexis Taylor's vocals are most impressive, and the lyrics are impossibly catchy. But the album takes an undesirable turn for the worse. Although there are still some songs that maintain an upbeat quality, others, such as the droning "Brothers," take away from the appeal that makes Hot Chip so interesting as musicians.

Hot Chip listeners expect to be overcome with the desire to get on the dance floor. But this album is more for contemplation than crazy dance moves. It's definitely not a complete miss; it still shows the group's electronic precision and perfectly redundant lyricism. Although Hot Chip will always be exciting, this album only falls flat.

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