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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Prowlfiles: Old 63

The complexes at Old 63 offer varied advantages and disadvantages.

As enrollment at MU increases and on-campus housing decreases, many students are looking to move out into Columbia.

Finding a good place to live might be difficult for someone who has never lived off campus before, but a way to gain a general idea about the different neighborhoods is by listening to the opinions of students who already have.

Although there are many neighborhoods throughout the city, there are many neighborhoods and complexes predominately inhabited by college students.

Throughout this semester, will profile a few neighborhoods or apartment complexes. The first one we're looking at is the Old 63 area, which is not too far south of campus and often features complexes with a number of community features, though that typically bumps up rent. Here's what students living in the area said about their places:

Copper Beech:

Copper Beech, an apartment complex down Old 63, is a common area for students to live.

"It's more of a convenience than anything," junior Andrew Howard said. "I would move if it wasn't furnished and close."

Howard said one of the drawbacks is being required to use the provided Internet that sometimes runs slowly when many residents use it at once. Another undesirable aspect for Howard is the staff is mainly university students, and they aren't trained to fix certain problems.

"There are parties, but compared to Rolling Rock, it's not bad," sophomore Michelle Sieg said.

Sieg said to have the apartment fully furnished is only $5 extra, and most residents do it.

"The management is nice," Sieg said.

The Reserve:

Another apartment complex in the area is The Reserve.

"It's good-ish," junior Amy Feaster said. "The parking sucks and the walls are thin, but the they do a good job of fixing stuff. There is a shuttle to campus every half hour and rent is fair."

Feaster said it's also convenient that everyone has a separate lease, and all utilities except electric are on one bill.

The Cottages of Columbia:

Down Old 63 from The Reserve and Copper Beech is a newer residential area called The Cottages of Columbia. As the name denotes, these apartments are designed as colorful cottages rather than the typical housing architecture.

"I love it," senior Kristen Apolzan said. "I see why rent is so much."

Apolzan said there are shuttles back and forth from downtown on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at night for residents to go out.

Grindstone Canyon:

Also on Old 63 is the Grindstone Canyon apartment complex. Many students said the apartments and location are nice, but the management is not the best.

"I'm not going to live here again," senior Tim Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman said he unfairly lost his security deposit last year but had already signed the lease for this year. The apartments aren't furnished, and the resident must provide Internet.

Noise levels generally aren't bad, but it takes two separate people calling in complaints for the management to act.

"Rent isn't horrible," senior Kaley Hughes said. "There are more expensive ones."

Junior Chris Warman said management isn't the best, but he lives there because rent is on one bill and they have garages.

"Everyone I know has a car," Warman said. "But it's doable to not have a car, and I take the bus to campus."

Although the apartment complex doesn't have its own shuttle right now, it has been rumored that they aim to get one for next semester.

"The walls are super thin, and I live near the stairs," Warman said. "At night, I can hear the sorority girls in their heels right next to my room."

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