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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Avi Buffalo spreads '60s folk-rock

Buffalo and band mates graze fame on the brink of their debut release.

April 20, 2010

Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, better known as Avi Buffalo, isn't your typical teenager. At 19 years old, most musicians don't have much more on their resume than a few local gigs. In Avi's case, he and his band have signed to Sub-Pop Records, shared a stage with the likes of Japandroids, Pavement and Modest Mouse and are getting ready for their upcoming debut record release. All this before he can legally enjoy a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The age of the group's members has become a main topic of discussion among listeners. All this focus made Buffalo embrace his youth.

"I guess I'm glad that people know we're young, for the sake of that the music isn't what I want to be making when I'm 25," Buffalo said. "So it's good that they know it's a young band. We have all this time to put into this and figure out what we are doing and we have a lot of time ahead of us."

A true '90s kid at heart, (Avi cited the Backstreet Boys' Millenium as his first CD purchase and 'Rugrats' as his favorite kid TV show) the influence of boy-bands and grunge are nowhere to be found in his songs. The group is comprised of band mates Rebecca Coleman, Arin Fazio and Sheridan Riley. They make music that sounds more like late-'60s folk than the reincarnation of Backstreet Boys' "Shape of My Heart."

"There was always music around my house," Buffalo said. "Always like Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and The Beatles." The influence of these older rock stars is apparent on tracks such as "Jessica" and "Summer Cum."

The band's most recognizable track "What's It In For" has been floating around music blogs for more than a year and is finally receiving a proper album release. The group's self-titled debut album is slated for release April 27 on Sub-Pop Records.

"The record's really bright-sounding," Buffalo said. "There is a lot of jumble, a lot of overdub. One could call it overproduced."

Fans are anxiously awaiting the worldwide debut of Avi Buffalo as well as many more years of music from these innocent California kids.

Buffalo sums it up well when he says all this hoopla around the band is simply "very exciting."

Well said, Avi. Well said.

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