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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ludo milks it on new single "Whipped Cream"

The St. Louis band will play at a free concert in Columbia.

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Aug. 17, 2010

Once a band puts out a very adventurous album, it’s hard to maintain that high level of creativity again, but Ludo front man Andrew Volpe is confident that is not the case for the St. Louis rock band.

“Where we have been adventurous in the past, we’ve become more adventurous in the road of story telling and imagination,” Volpe said.

Staying true to this, Ludo released a music video for the first single off of the new album, Prepare The Preparations, called “Whipped Cream.”

The music video for “Whipped Cream” is awkward and funny. Volpe said the band tried “keeping it real,” and “representing” with an abundance of blank stares. On top of that, the video also featured the band spraying everyone and everything with whipped cream.

“We used a lot (of whipped cream),” Volpe said. “A whole lot, like 40 cans.”

Despite using so much of the delicious dairy product in the music video, the song itself is not even about whipped cream.

“It’s about showing both a guy’s creepy ‘I’m so sexy’ perspective and a girl’s objective ‘you’re a creep’ perspective,” Volpe said. This is not the first time that Volpe has visited this subject — on their last album, You’re Awful, I Love You, Volpe wrote the song “Go-Getter Greg,” which depicts “guys in bars creeping on girls.”

Prepare The Preparations will be the first without bass player Marshall Fanciullo, but Volpe assures that the songwriting has not been negatively affected due to the loss of the band member.

Ludo’s weird lyrics and over-the top situations, notorious from songs like “Girls on Trampoline” and “Lake Pontchartrain” won’t change with the new album, either.

“I like to write from my imagination, so there are songs about skeletons, grave robbing lovers, a cyclops and of course love and all that stuff,” Volpe said about the new album.

According to Volpe, the album may go out on a limb, but old fans won’t be left hanging.

“I think it’s just as catchy as the last (album), but it’s a little more adventurous,” Volpe said.

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Article comments

Aug. 23, 2010 at 7:07 p.m.

Jordan Padula: I am super excited for this album!!

Oct. 27, 2010 at 11:21 a.m.

Mikashi: I agree with what you said about Whipped Cream. I love the new album so much <3. (Then again, I love all of them XD). Each song is extremely addictive (Skeletons on Parade, Manta Rays, Cyborgs vs. Robots, Rotten Town, Too Tired to Wink, Overdone, etc.) Ludo, be proud of yourselves, you totally addicted me to your music XD.

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