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Thursday, August 17, 2017

MU a cappella group prepares new sounds for CD

Add 9 hopes to release its newest CD by the end of April.

March 1, 2011

MU’s a cappella group, Add 9, which shows off vocal talents that sound more like the cast of “Glee” than a student organization, puts a spin on popular and old music, singing everything from Disney to Lady Gaga.

Add 9 was established eight years ago as a group for men interested in singing.

“The purpose of it is to create beautiful music and give all young men a chance to be part of a group, whether they are a music major or not,” Dean said.

To showcase its work from the past three years, the group will release a new CD.

“I expect the CD to be very eclectic," junior Bridget Kapp said. "They have a good mix of styles, music and genres."

Add 9 tries to focus on singing popular songs to grab a listener’s attention, and then sprinkles in a classic or two, such as “My Girl” by The Temptations.

“Some of the songs on the album will be ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga,” Add 9 member Andrew Lang said. “There will be a few medleys on it, such as a Disney medley and a Michael Jackson medley.”

This is not the first CD Add 9 has created. Three years ago, they came out with one titled From the Top.

“I wasn’t part of the first CD,” Add 9 treasurer Zach Dean said. “I listened to it, and I think this album sounds better. It’s going to be more popular for those who like a cappella groups.”

Although the group focused most of its energy into creating the CD last semester, it won’t be ready until the end of April, Lang said. The group hopes to promote the CD at the annual Show Me A Cappella concert in April.

“We still have a little more recording to do,” Lang said. “We still haven’t figured out what to call the album, but we will in the next few months.”

The projected cost of the CD is $10, Lang said.

Add 9 has found its place on campus by being able to participate in various annual events on campus, such as Mizzou Idol, the Arts and Science Week Talent Show and the singing of the fight song and the alma mater at various events.

The group will sing by request for a small fee, but when it comes down to it, Add 9 would rather perform for the love of singing than for money, Dean said.

“We’ve had instances where people ask how much do you charge and we say we charge X amount,” Dean said. “Then they tell us that that’s too high, so we lower the price. We would rather sing than get paid."

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