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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Editorial: Re-elect Gov. Jay Nixon

Nov. 2, 2012

Editorials represent the majority opinion of The Maneater editorial board.

The Maneater has criticized Gov. Jay Nixon's cuts to higher eduction over the last year, and it still takes issue with his means to balance Missouri's budget. But Nixon has succeeded in keeping Missouri afloat for the last four years, and between him and opponent, Dave Spence, Nixon is the lesser of two evils for the state.

While we wish Nixon would consider more closely the effects of the higher education budget cuts, his challenger Dave Spence has no political experience, and seems to have just adopted the GOP's stance on every issue. Missouri needs an experienced politician as its governor, and someone who has his own political stances and comprehensive plans.

On the campaign trail, the only issue Spence has been vocal about has been the economy. While he does have business experience, a campaign built on economic policy isn't enough. Missourians face a variety of issues and need a governor who considers all of them.

Moreover, Nixon's economic policies haven't been hurting Missourians. Missouri has the 19th lowest unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and wasn't affected much by the economic downturn, relatively speaking. Nixon hasn't raised taxes and has kept the job market more or less stagnant while other states' markets have fell. He has successfully presided over the economic collapse and there's no need for new economic policies.

Spence has said he would re-prioritize eduction funding but has failed to say how. At least with Nixon, we know what to expect.

On health issues, Spence has said he would oppose the Affordable Care Act and abortion. Nixon has vetoed a bill that would deny women birth control and only opposes partial birth abortion. He hasn't had a consistent stance on the ACA, but he's at least looking at it with a critical eye. Spence isn't.

Spence also isn't concerned with social issues, but as governor he could have to take a stance regardless of his interest. Missouri shouldn't have a governor who blindly follows his party on important issues.

Nixon’s governorship hasn’t been perfect and it definitely hasn’t been beneficial for students, but Spence’s lack of policy knowledge could be even worse. We endorse Gov. Jay Nixon but hope his next term will be kinder to the higher education budget.

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