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Editorial: Re-elect state Sen. Kurt Schaefer

Nov. 2, 2012

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The MU community needs a senator who prioritizes higher education and other student issues. Sen. Kurt Schaefer has proven his loyalty to students and deserves reelection.

As Columbia’s representative, Schaefer has made student issues his priority. Heading into election booths, students should keep that in mind. Last spring, when Gov. Jay Nixon cut higher education’s budget, Schaefer was a key player in restoring those funds. He sponsored a bill that would have given a student voting rights on the Board of Curators.

A politician with those values has earned students’ votes.

Schaefer’s opponent, Rep. Mary Still, has stood up for students, as well, but hasn’t been as successful as Schaefer. None of the bills Still has sponsored have passed, while Schaefer’s efforts have seen tangible benefits.

One of Still’s greatest accomplishments has been her fight to raise the cigarette tax. While her own bills weren’t passed, her efforts helped lead to the proposition on the ballot this November.

But Schaefer has supported that tax increase as well, and he has specified that it should be raised to provide funding for schools. He’s also passed several bills — many of which benefited students. Overall, he’s been a practical and effective member of Missouri's General Assembly.

Still’s record doesn’t compare to Schaefer’s. With his experience and record, there’s no reason for Columbia to change its senator.

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