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Editorial: Students should march with 'More for Less'

April 24, 2012

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The More for Less campaign for higher education funding is wrapping up this week, presenting students with their last opportunity to join the fight.

The Missouri Students Association and the Associated Students of the University of Missouri have taken a stand against Gov. Jay Nixon’s budget cut of 12.5 percent to higher education. If that cut had passed, Missouri higher education would take a funding blow for the third year in a row. We’re already ranked 47th in state funding. The More for Less campaign knows funding is tight, but they also know where to draw the line. More for Less has taken the lead and made sure legislators know that students will not accept these cuts lying down.

MSA is making a difference fighting for students, which is something it hasn’t done so much in recent years. The MSA of the past might have stopped at passing a pointless resolution against the cuts, but instead it rallied students to write letters, lobbied for higher education and had a hand in fiscal changes. We commend More for Less for that, and we stand with them.

Not only has real change already been made, More for Less isn’t slowing down. Thursday, students are heading to Jefferson City for the More for Less March. This is a rare opportunity for students to mobilize and speak up. So don’t just "like" the campaign on Facebook or use its hashtag on Twitter. Sign up, and actually show up, for the march.

Students can sign up at MSA’s website. Students will be meeting at 9 a.m. at the MU Student Center, where they’ll take buses to rally in Jefferson City until noon. Plus, participants get some free More for Less swag. Yep, you can eat free breakfast, get a free shirt and have a real, substantial influence on how much money your university receives, all before noon.

More for Less is a direct contradiction to the stereotype that college students don’t care about important issues. Perhaps Missouri lawmakers thought we’d never stand up for ourselves, but with More for Less, we have. It’s time they take action, and with this march we will put the ball in their court.

So stand up for MU and join More for Less on the steps of the Capitol on Thursday. Show Gov. Nixon that you’re watching and that you care about the consistent lack of funding he’s been sending us. More importantly, show him you won’t take it anymore.

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Article comments

April 24, 2012 at 11:27 a.m.

David: It's great to see The Maneater finally taking an active stance in this--the last editorial I read seemed to condone Gov. Nixon's budget cuts which I never understood. I'll be at the march, and I hope to see Maneater staff members there, too!

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