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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the Editor

April 6, 2012

The Maneater reserves the right to edit letters and columns for style and length.

Dear Editor,

Tuesday’s edition of the April Fool’s Maneater entitled “The Carpeteater” was a highly offensive and poorly constructed attempt at satire.

Let’s start with the title “The Carpeteater.” The name is historically derogatory toward lesbian women, and is absolutely offensive. Frankly, I don’t know how the editorial board could consciously put out a newspaper with that title.

But the derogatory comments toward women don’t stop there. Instead, this edition offers overtly offensive language including sections entitled “Campussy” and “Whore ‘Um” as well as three fake staff writer names that make reference to the word “cunt.”

Derogatory profanity toward women isn’t funny. It isn’t satirical. It certainly isn’t journalism. It is rude and offensive and propagates stereotypes that already degrade women in our society.

This edition was offensive, crude and not something that represents Mizzou or its students. I don’t want this on Maneater stands around campus, and I am embarrassed to even have Mizzou’s name attached to this profanity. This is not the integrity behind the number one journalism school in the country.

Imagine the prospective students who have visited our campus this week. One of them picks this up, sharing the campus newspaper with their parents. Is this what any Mizzou student wants them to see? Are failed derogatory attempts at humor what The Maneater is proud to portray?

While previous April Fool’s editions have been humorous and satirical, this edition was tactless and degrading, and I know I am joined by the following students, staff and alumni in demanding a full apology. In the future, The Maneater should attempt to put integrity, not cheap laughs, at the top of its priorities.


Kathy Rudd MU senior

Charnissia Smith, Erin Morris, Katie Cowell, J. Evan Arnold, Megan Dowdle, Pinki Thakker, Tess Yocom, Claire Kates, Helena Kooi, Brianna Petersen, Mason Schara, Christina Trester, Lauren Damico, David Wettroth, Lexie Cartee, Clark Maynard, Jacob Sloan, Nick Droege, Lisa Sauter, Matt Kalish, Zack Folk, Matt Jones, Rachael Amick, Tyler Ricketts, Lindsay Weber, Sandy Patel, Connor Wangler, Michael Leahy, Fares Akremi, Brett Dinkins, David Aslin, Eli Tinker-Fortel, Paige Hornor, Sapna Khatri, James Jordan, Natasha Desai, Colten Ross, Jared Grafman, Annie Bastida, Courtney Kincade, Jessica Adams, Sami Hall, Ellen Huch, Hope Timmerman, Mike Madden, Courtney Doll, Kelly Goldthorpe, Mira Barasch, Thomas Bourneuf, Mandi Jackson, Marissa Asfour, Justice Green, Jaclyn Herr, Trevor Karasek, Shelby Young, Kelsey Clark, Jordan Glasgow, Caylee Chambers, Ethan Colbert, Liz Solomon, Sarah Barr, James Militello, Rachel Ruth, Trenton Davis, Leanne Henry, Michael Crawford, Ahad Hosseini, Kristen Carranza, Tim Banks, Elizabeth McClure, Lakeisha Williams, Caleb Krenning, Andrea Redmond, Abbie Shull, Megan Cahill, Andrew Melroe, Jess Miller, Christine Cauthen, Gage Caszatt, Joshua Johnson, Teddy Menke, Melissa Ryder, Erin Miller, Laura Ebone, Lauren Thomas, Kimi Nolte, Dylan Connell, Kate McIntyre, Eric Hucker, Samantha Santiago, Matt Sheppard, Lisa Maida, Jessie Lueck, Kristen Temple, Liz Reed, Kathryn Bailey, Nick Ehrhard, Ana Stock, Ellen Sherman, Aimee LaPlant, Anna Valiavska, Katelyn Cavaleri, Luke Gorham, Jessica Mosbrucker, Sean Nahlik, Carole Douglas, Ty Cacek
Adriana Saladrigas, Carl Tunik, Jayme Gardner, Taha Hameduddin, Sylvia Jauregui, Rachel Ploskonka, Sidney Billstein, Rob Stagni, Mackenzie Simmons, Amelia Smith, Jessica Lynn Day, Jenna Cook, Jackie Schneller, Lauren Bale, Christian Young, Ashley Dunn-Matous, Andrew Worrall, Melanie Mazuc, Taylor Dukes, Cole Karr, Michelle Fiesta, Lyssa Brianne Chotrow, Raha Obaei, Paul Reeves, Kate Padfield, Melissa Buschmann, Jennifer Sorenson, Ryan Czech, Jeanette Fotis, Max Smith, Cole Donelson, Rio Schondelmeyer, Patrick Ellison, Rebecca Kirkle, Emma Ballard, Abigail Jordan, Nureen Syed, Eric Woods, Lindsay Elinor, Andrew Howard, Jeremiah Meyer, Liz Demse, Lindsey Vigoda, Vanessa Whitnell, Kristen Bergoff, Laura Denlinger, Kyle Denlinger, Jesi Christian, Nicole Silvestri, Alicia Dolbashian, Chris Rucker, Amanda Wysocki, Hannah Holden, Connor Fender, Austin G. McNabb, Alissa Smith, Jess Cullen, Lindsay Miller, Alyssa Charlanza, Kelsey Clark, Alyssa Schueneman, Ben Schwenker, Kelly Regan, Brooke Shoopman, 
Christine Cauthen, Laura Herrera, Alison Mueller, Samantha Garbo, Sarah Mason, Ali Kiara Colwell, Rachel Kloppe, Steve Pan, Taylor Werthauser, Merrill Reiter, Glen Cole, Laura Tilley, David Rohrer, Peter LaGrand, Scott Bosley, Adam Callahan, Rachel Hoemann, Ashlee Reece, Allyssa Routzahn, Dawn Schillinger, Amanda Strickland, Carlos Martinez-Villar, Whitney Williams, Kelsey Kupferer, Kelsey Saragnese, Kristofferson Culmer, Molly Duffy, Kallie Brown, Lydia Emge, Caitlyn Stevens, Caroline Merten
, Samantha Raucci, Allie Kleinow, Katelyn Young, Richie Bernardo, Stacy Massey, Katilyn Payne, Steven Twidwell, Lauren Mason, Tim Banks, Rachel Benz, Lee Dukes, Robyn Johnston, Max Vale, Emily Andsager, Ronecia Duke, Elizabeth Gower, Steven Goldberg, Andrea Braxton, Maggie Omastiack, Alyssa Chassman, Adam Hasik, Jesse Day, Wendy Walden, Lyndsey Garza, Caroline Iles, Stephanie Proffer, Caitlin Lukin, Megan LaManna, Jo Marie Infranca, Elizabeth Reardon, Nicole Lunger, Samantha Ritchie, and Greg Loeffler

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Article comments

April 9, 2012 at 2:11 p.m.

Airey Phelan: Who wrote the articles for the April Fool's Day edition of the Maneater? If we see a list of the "reporters" will we also see the names of several of the above letter's signers? Man-up and accept responsibility for your not-funny words. Thus far Abby Spudich is the only mature member of the editorial board accepting blame and she certainly did not write that edition by herself if at all. Throwing one person under the bus is childish and speaks volumes about the rest of the staff.

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