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Monday, October 16, 2017

Protestors ask Missouri McCaskill, Blunt to close Guantanamo Bay

The protestors dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Jeff Stack noticed that the rain was letting up as he pulled a hood made from a gray jacket over his face and put on an orange jumpsuit with “jailbird” on the back.

Stack, coordinator for Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation, and three others dressed as Guantanamo Bay prisoners were led along the sidewalk to the office of Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

The group of 10 protestors gathered at the Wabash Bus Station on Thursday to ask that Guantanamo Bay be closed.

Guantanamo Bay is a U.S. prison in Cuba where detainees can be held indefinitely. Nearly 100 of its inmates began a hunger strike recently.

The protestors walked to McCaskill’s office, where they told an aide why the prison should be closed. Thursday marked the 91st day of the prisoners’ hunger strike. Steve Jacobs, who was also with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, said the government was failing to care for its prisoners.

“They just don’t care about the people who were put into prison,” Jacobs said.

He also believes the CIA paid warlords to round up those detained.

“We assume the warlords just picked up people because it was easy money,” Jacobs said.

Eighty-six prisoners have been cleared for release. However, they remain in prison. Jacobs said he wanted McCaskill to speak up about this.

“I’d love to see Senator McCaskill come out and talk about this and (Sen. Roy Blunt, R- Mo.), too,” Stack said.

There will be more incidents like the Times Square bombing and the Boston Marathon bombings if the prison is kept open, Jacobs said.

“We’re creating more enemies. At some point people are going to lash out,” Jacobs said.

The protestors also addressed the hunger strike. Participating prisoners are being kept alive with feeding tubes.

“To force feed them, to me, is torture,” Shari Korthuis said. “It’s wrong, and I can’t believe nobody has stood up against it. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional to its core.”

The group said releasing the prisoners who have been cleared might end the hunger strike.

The protestors then walked to Sen. Roy Blunt’s office, where they repeated their argument to an aide.

“Our concern is that we do the right thing,” protestor Paul Lehmann, of Fayette, Mo., said.

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Article comments

May 10, 2013 at 3:03 p.m.

arrestforcefeeders: immediatly arrest force feeders and charge w abuse potentially torture! immediatly release detainees that dont have physcial evidence(words arnt evidence)that shows a 99%+chance they commited a crime-arrest kidnappers and kidnappers owe $65+/day the victim was kidnapped to the victim. innocent until prooven guilty. illegal to indefinitely detain someone w.o trial and w.o being charged. illegal to detain someone for being a: terrorist, terroist=someone that somoene is terrified or someone that trys to and succeffully terrifys someone. terror=fear, an invisable emotion only the expirecer knows if they are expirencing, enemy=someone someone doesnt like, doesnt mean their bad, combatant=may be defensive or offensive, suspect=someone you think might have done something, based on group membership/name/affliation(ex:alCIAda, us mil, nazi, jew, blood, crip, shia, suni), being labled a risk/threat is vauge and subject to individual interpretation, merely being labled a risk/threat is not a legal reason to detain someone, plot commenly=plan, its not illegal to plan. prison garuds and the media need to respond to reports of inhumane prison conditions and illegal imprisonment before it gets to the point of hungry strike. publisizeing hunger strikes incentivies and rewards hunger strikes. "there may be..people..who can not be prosecuted for past crimes..because evidence may be tainted..but who..pose a threat to the united states..alkida terrorists and there affiliates are at war with the united states, and those who we capture must be prevented from attacking us agian...our government was defening positions that undermine ensure that they are in line with administation has begun to reshape the standards that apply to ensure..they are in line with those that fall into this that any prolonged detenition is.. justified..our goal is to construct framework for the remaining guantomo detainees that can not be transfered..when we determine that the united states must hold individuals to keep them from carring out an act of war we will do admintionstation will..develope a legal regeim..there are people plotting to take american lifes..that will be the case..probiblity 10years from now"~obama according to obama explains the fema camps youtube video-watch it. why would obama think people who dont have evidence of them commiting a crime be a threat? maybe obama wants to detain innocents! reportedly nazis called jews a threat to national security. dont say we unless you are talking about you and at least 1 other person.

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