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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Lack of heat in Arts and Science building is troubling

Essential updates need to take precedent over wants.

Jan. 23, 2014

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a senior English major and have had many courses in multiple buildings across campus. I have seen the great resources in the Journalism School and have seen the deplorable conditions of Arts and Sciences. Just this morning I spent an hour and a half in A&S for my capstone course; during our time together my class wore our heavy coats over long-sleeved shirts and shivered in the little-to-no-heat classroom.

While I understand that A&S is not one of buildings that comes to mind when asked about Mizzou's campus, many students spend hours upon hours there; the foreign languages are housed there as well as many other classes. A&S is an important building for a majority of students on campus, and it is alarming that such building is not up to par with others on campus. I am not suggesting that A&S be completely renovated, however I would recommend that instead of putting in a new projector in the student center (which was put in on Wednesday, January 24) that the basic needs of a building, such as heat, get met.

I have heard in the past that buildings such as the J-School, Student Center, and the Rec get renovated and improved because those buildings have funds coming in from outside sources (alumni donations, grants, etc.), however one building should not be lacking the ability to be comfortable for its students just because there are no donations being specified to that building. I know that what is done cannot be undone and that the projection screen put in above the circulation desk in the student center is now permanent, but I urge those whom choose how funds get spent to look at what the needs of the school are, rather than wants.

Caitlin McEwen,

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