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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Love, hate for Sam from a KU grad

Published as a part of Maneater v. 80, Issue 18

The Maneater reserves the right to edit letters and columns for style and length.

I will forever be a fan of a Mizzou grad and football player.

Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to one Mr. Sam.

Mr. Sam, I hate you. I hate you because I grew up in Kansas. I hate you because I have degrees from both KSU and KU. I hate your school for bolting for the SEC when it obviously belongs in the Missouri Valley/Big 6. I hate that the Border War doesn't happen. I hate that “war” was downgraded to “showdown.”

Michael, I love you. Thank you. More or other words can add nothing. Jason Collins was brave as hell, but it was always a possibility he wouldn't be picked up.You're a certain draft pick. I truly felt an epoch-changing moment watching your interview today, and have so much love and respect for you. Brave doesn't begin to describe you.

I'm so terribly embarrassed (as a KU grad) to say that I will forever be a fan of a Mizzou grad/football player. Guess I'll have to live with that.

Ryan Jensen, KSU ’98, KU ’07, KU ’?

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