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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Top 5 concerts

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1. Chance the Rapper at Jesse Auditorium

Waiting in line for tickets — and, um, for the main act to come on stage — was totally worth it. With his mad dance moves and signature flow, this acid rapper left us thoroughly impressed. (And dying to know which MU party he’d be hitting up that Stop Day’s Eve.)

2. Neutral Milk Hotel at The Blue Note

Oh, holy reunion tour. Last active in late 1998, NMH shocked the world by announcing a reunion tour in April of 2013. That’s right, folks, a whole 15 years after the band went on hiatus. How The Blue Note snagged a spot on the tour, we’re not sure. But we won’t question winning the favor of the indie rock gods.

3. Local Natives at The Blue Note

The band found its way to CoMo after killing it at LouFest, and we’re oh-so glad it did. If you’re looking for a band that sounds even better live than it does in its recordings, the Local Natives are your guys. This show wins the third place spot on our list because, honestly, you can’t beat those group harmonies.

4. Kacey Musgraves at Jesse Auditorium

MU’s country music fans “followed their arrows” on over to Jesse when this Nashville-based starlet came to Columbia in October. (She’s just so darn precious, ya feel?) And we totally earned bragging rights for having her here before she won the “Best Country Song” Grammy in January.

5. The Neighbourhood at Carnahan Quad

This up-and-coming indie rock outfit had us all singing along to “Sweater Weather” before dressing in layers was even a thing here in the Midwest. The opening act, More Like Georgia, was also pretty solid, and the show was free. And we all know how much college kids like free things.

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