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Thursday, September 21, 2017

MSA promotes Moonier to Chief of Staff

Moonier is set to be confirmed Sept. 10 as MSA Chief of Staff.

Aug. 25, 2014

Former Missouri Student Association Chairman of Student Affairs committee Mitch Moonier is scheduled to be confirmed on Sept. 10 as the new MSA Chief of Staff, after the resignation of former MSA President Mason Schara, which bumped junior Matt McKeown from chief of staff to vice president.

Moonier was not a part of MSA his first two years at MU, but since his junior year he has been very involved and now serves in a high leadership position.

Before deciding to join, Moonier worked as intern in Jefferson City for Rep. Tim Meadows his sophomore year. Working for Meadows, Moonier said, is what drove him into applying for MSA.

“Through (the experience of working for Meadows), I realized that public service was something I was interested in and Representative Meadows recommended that I look into getting involved in the student government at Mizzou,” Moonier said. “I applied to be an (MSA) senator and was elected in September of that year. I never could imagine that I would build such amazing relationships with students, faculty and staff.”

Moonier has held several positions within MSA, all of which claim different tasks and different audiences. Moonier said his role as a leader this year is much greater than his past years, as he will now be working directly with the MSA Executive Cabinet, instead of MSA Senate.

“In Student Affairs, we were only looking into student issues and inquiries,” Moonier said. “As chief of staff, I am now an assistant to both President Kelsey Haberberger and Vice President Matt McKeown so that I can keep them on track for accomplishing their goals for MSA, while also having the independence to pursue additional projects.”

Haberberger and McKeown both said they want Moonier to accomplish the remaining goals on MSA’s platform, as well as take on several new projects.

McKeown said both he and Haberberger are going to encourage Moonier to work on projects he is passionate about, while also getting his mandated work done.

“My hope is that (Moonier) will be able to assist us in finishing off all of our goals based on the original platform as well as retaining some of his own freedom with the position as well,” McKeown said. “(Moonier) of course will have set meetings and projects dedicated to the position of chief of staff, but we also want him to have the ability to work outside of those set duties.”

One of the main things Moonier said he wants to accomplish is to make student life the best it can be, and aiming higher at making campus a welcoming environment.

“I have always strived to work hard while also doing my best to bring a smile to everyone’s face,” Moonier said. “I hope to carry out what is expected of me in my contributions to MSA.”

Moonier said that making people smile is something he has always tried to do, and he hopes to continue that this year.

“One of my favorite things to do is to give people high-fives on Friday, which is something that I have done since my freshman year,” Moonier said. “I love making people smile, especially when you can tell that they need it, because I’ve been in situations before where I could use a smile myself.”

Haberberger has worked with Moonier in several different campus organizations and said his organization and positive attitude will make him a great leader.

“(Moonier’s) leadership style will be a great fit for the position, and his dedication to making a difference will help our cabinet accomplish all of our goals,” Haberberger said. “(Moonier) is constantly striving to create a better campus environment for his peers.”

Eager to start his term as chief of staff, Moonier has a lot on his plate, but said he is excited to start working and be a leader on campus. Moonier said it is a great honor to be named chief of staff, and he hopes to carry on the legacy of hard work and service the past chief of staff’s have left him.

“The fact that I was even considered for the position of chief of staff is humbling,” Moonier said. “There are amazing things that MSA will be doing this year, and I cannot wait to start my work in helping carry out that vision.”

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