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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mizzou votes: The results of the 2016 election

Students around campus took to the polls today. Here's how the results are looking for Missouri.

Alexzandria Churchill/Senior Staff Photographer

Nov. 8, 2016

The Maneater will be following the election results as they come out during the evening after 7:00 p.m., when the polls close. Check back here for updates on Missouri and Columbia news as well as presidential news.

U.S. President

Hillary Clinton | Timothy Kaine - Democratic Party

Donald Trump | Michael Pence - Republican Party (won)

Gary Johnson | Bill Weld - Libertarian Party

Darrell Castle | Scott Bradley - Constitution Party

Jill Stein | Ajamu Baraka - Green Party

U.S. Senator

Jason Kander - Democratic Party

Roy Blunt - Republican Party (won)

Jonathan Dine - Libertarian Party

Fred Ryman - Constitution Party

Johnathan McFarland - Green Party


Chris Koster - Democratic Party

Eric Greitens - Republican Party (won)

Cisse Spragins - Libertarian Party

Don Fitz - Green Party

Lester Benton Turilli, Jr - Independent Party

Lieutenant Governor

Russ Carnahan - Democratic Party

Mike Parson - Republican Party (won)

Steven R. Hedrick - Libertarian Party

Jennifer Leach - Green Party

Secretary of State

Robin Smith - Democratic Party

John (Jay) Ashcroft - Republican Party (won)

Chris Morrill - Libertarian Party

State Treasurer

Judy Baker - Democratic Party

Eric Schmidt - Republican Party (won)

Sean O’Toole - Libertarian Party

Carol Hexem - Green Party

Attorney General

Teresa Hensley - Democratic Party

Josh Hawley - Republican Party (won)

U.S. Representative District 4

Gordon Christensen - Democratic Party

Vicky Hartzler - Republican Party (won)

Mark Bliss - Libertarian Party

State Senator District 19

Stephen Webber - Democratic Party

Caleb Rowden - Republican Party (won)

State Representative District 46

Martha Stevens - Democratic Party (won)

Don Waterman - Republican Party

Circuit Judge Circuit 13 Division 2

Jeff Harris - Democratic Party (won)

Boone County Assessor

Tom Schauwecker - Democratic Party (won)

County Treasurer

Tom Darrough - Democratic Party (won)

Public Administrator

Sonja Boone - Democratic Party (won)


Dwayne Carey - Democratic Party (won)

Associate Commissioner District 2

Janet Thompson - Democratic Party

Brenndan Riddles - Republican Party

Missouri Supreme Court

Richard B. Teitelman




Constitutional Amendment 1 — Sales tax to benefit soil and water conservation



Constitutional Amendment 2 — Limits on campaign contributions



Constitutional Amendment 3 — Cigarette tax to benefit education



Constitutional Amendment 4 — Prohibition of new state or local sales



Constitutional Amendment 6 — In favor of a voter ID requirement



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