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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Column: End the MizzouRec treadmill time limits

Thirty minutes is simply not enough time.

March 17, 2017

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Bizzy Emerson is a junior journalism major at MU. She writes about feminism and pop culture as an opinion columnist for The Maneater.

As an avid runner, I can confirm that the treadmills at the Student Recreation Complex are on another level. They are treadmills on steroids. They make me want to live a better version of my life. I’m not one to exaggerate, but there has never been a better treadmill created, ever, in the history of exercise equipment.

I’m sure other rec-goers will agree, but maybe not on such an enthusiastic level. They’re definitely better than the tiny, shaky treadmills I’m offered at the park district recreation center back in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The only difference? The exercise machines in a Western suburb of Chicago don’t have a 30-minute time limit.

This is probably my only issue with the MizzouRec. I used to have a big problem with the lack of lockers, but that’s since been resolved, as literal walls of lockers were installed last semester. Now, my angst lies in the time limits on the workout machines.

I get it — everyone should have a fair amount of time on the equipment. Completely understood. Perhaps the only thing I hate less than the time limit is waiting in line for a treadmill. That being said, I need more time than just 30 minutes. MizzouRec ending my workout for me is rude.

For one, I’m a long-distance runner. These past two years, I’ve been doing a lot of half marathon training, specifically on MizzouRec treadmills. When I’m planning on going over four miles, I have to be fully prepared to stop in the middle of my run and then restart. This is absolutely infuriating. I’ll be in my zone, jamming to “I Love It” By Icona Pop (an underrated running jam — don’t question it, just embrace it) when suddenly, I only have five minutes left of my workout. I can’t run another mile in five minutes. That’s ridiculous. So, by default, I’m forced to let the workout end, interrupt my flow and pace, and have to restart the treadmill to go for no longer than 10 more minutes.

Why not just let patrons go as long as they would like? No one is going to stay on a treadmill longer than a maximum of two hours. (Someone could do that anyway, considering you can just stop and restart every 30 minutes.) Even if I’m not doing a long run, sometimes it’s nice to have a cool-down incline walk following a short run. When I get cut off, that makes my relaxation time impossible.

This rage at the rec is probably more my fault than anything, since I want to work out longer. I truly love the MizzouRec, and it’s nicer than probably every other gym I’ve ever been inside of in my life, but I want to work out longer than my allotted time. As a transfer student from NYU, I can wholeheartedly confirm that the rec at Mizzou is thousands of times bigger and more impressive than the NYU student gym. But then again, the NYU treadmills didn’t have time limits.

MizzouRec, you’re perfect and amazing, and I love walking through your little electronic swipe gates every day. It’s like walking into my very own home. But please, I’m begging you — take away the time limits.

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