Aliens land on campus brandishing Abduction: The Mixtape

The promotional tactic for local hip-hop artist Goone aims to create buzz around Columbia.

The Goone Squad hands out copies of local rapper Goone's new album, <i>The Abduction</i>, to students Monday at Dobb's Pavillion. MU graduate Goone, also known as Chase Lauer, led the Squad through seven lecture halls and outdoor venues during classes to advertise his new music.

Alien craft have landed. Just yesterday, extraterrestrial beings were spotted in lecture halls across campus throwing free CDs and shirts at students. A random and fleeting act of interstellar kindness? Or a clever human marketing ploy?

Earth citizen and MU graduate, Chase Lauer, claims the latter. Touting the incident as a "guerilla marketing campaign" to publicize local rapper Goone's latest studio effort, Lauer insists there's no need for alarm. Even before the invasion, Goone, Lauer and marketing head Dave Bour, were attracting public attention to the mix tape's impending release via flyers and promotional T-shirts.

"It's been a couple weeks that we've been planning this shit," Lauer said. With some local radio play and "Abduction" T-shirts circling Columbia's bar scene, the group had created a considerable buzz days before the release of the album.

Goone's project, Abduction: The Mixtape, surfaced in its entirety for the first time yesterday. The alien invasion on Monday was meant to coincide with the mix tape's general theme and title, which refer to Goone's practice of mixing his own verses over popular instrumentals, thereby "abducting" the song.

The album boasts 14 of these remixes, utilizing a wide range of instrumentals, from Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" to Dr. Dre's "Xxplosive." Goone calls his product "straight hip-hop, closer to pop" and recommends it to those who appreciate "punchlines and beats for the club."

In addition, Goone has released a music video to accompany the mix tape's spirited and raunchy single, "Every Girl (at Mizzou)." The video and track celebrate MU, surrounding Columbia and every girl within.

The video was shot in various local nightclubs, including Tonic, Generic and Harpo's. Already, the project has ruffled some feathers.

"The general manager kicked us out of Harpo's because of Goone's lyrics," Lauer said. "He stopped our filming. He was like, 'There's moms in here! You can't talk about their daughters like that!'"

But neither Lauer nor Goone is worried.

"Controversy generates buzz," Lauer said. "We actually want a little controversy."

Regarding his future, Goone remains positive.

"Grapefruit Starship is the next album," Goone said. It will drop this fall." Also expected are future collaborations with rappers Sam Adams and Napalm.

But for all their ambition, these guys haven't forgotten their roots — Lauer stressed the importance of building a reliable local fanbase.

"Our goal is for everyone at MU to know or to have heard of Goone," Lauer said.

And the aliens? "I mean, yeah, it'd be ignorant to think there isn't life out there somewhere," Lauer said.

Whatever the case, it's clear that, at the very least, Goone is prepared to increase his musical impact here on Earth.

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