‘Celeste & Jesse Forever’: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Nothing lasts forever. Such is the case for Celeste and Jesse, whose high school romance turned marriage is over within the first 10 minutes of this romantic comedy. However, their extremely close friendship is much longer lasting.

"Celeste & Jesse Forever" follows the uncomfortably close friendship a newly divorced couple maintains and the emotional turmoil that ensues when the separated do not actually separate. Unconventional? Yes. Highly entertaining? Also yes.

Celeste — played by Rashida Jones of "Parks and Recreation," who also co-wrote the film — is a very successful trend analyst who owns and runs her own company. Meanwhile, Jesse (Andy Samberg) is a struggling artist/writer who lacks the motivation to try to make a name for himself. Thus, Jesse’s lack of ambition, not Celeste's lack of love for him, causes her to file for a divorce.

After the divorce, Celeste and Jesse remain best friends who continue to spend all of their time together. This dynamic provides hilarious moments, twists and turns, and brief insight into what it really means to love someone.

The movie is splashed with cameos from Emma Roberts, who plays Celeste’s newest celebrity client, to Elijah Wood, who stars as Celeste’s business partner. Accompanied by a mix of indie music and vintage soul, the soundtrack perfectly complements the tone of each scene. "Celeste & Jesse Forever" is a refreshingly quirky film that will leave you laughing and excited to see what Jones works on next.

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