Four Tet keeps his footing with _There is Love in You_

Kieran Hebden experiments with his already experimental sound.

Four Tet's newest addition to his already impressive repertoire, There is Love in You, might be the best yet.

Four Tet is the pseudonym for the British electronic musician Kieran Hebden. Hebden has been releasing albums as Four Tet since 1999's exhilarating Rounds and has yet to really make a misstep. There is Love in You could trump all his works by creating a different feel.

Hebden is known for his unique combination of jazz, hip-hop and electronic beats, but There is Love in You takes this style and tweaks it with vocal samplings and heavenly sounds. It is creates a dreamlike experience with the use of harps and other peaceful sounds perfectly exuded in the song "Circling."

"Angel Echoes", the lead song, is without a doubt the standout track. By using a chopped up sample of an unknown singer, this song exudes a new style for Hebden, and it is well received.

There is Love in You is an album that causes contemplation and creates an entrancing sound. Hebden raises the level on experimental music that makes it almost impossible to challenge.

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