jj overshadows originals with catchy covers

It's pretty clear Swedish indie-poppers jj have something for Lil' Wayne. Last year, they released both jj n° 1 and jj n° 2 to critical acclaim, with the latter including an interestingly restructured cover of the Lil' Wayne smash hit, "Lollipop." And with this year's release of the cleverly titled jj n° 3, the band's latest full-length album, we see yet another Weezy cover in the very first track, "My Life." Although they change up the lyrics a bit and completely alter the vibe Wayne and The Game had going in the original, jj's cover trumps the original.

"Let Go" was released as a free single last month and immediately reminded me why I liked jj so much when I first heard them. Shimmering synths and a very Enya-sounding Elin Kastlander shine on this track, which also includes a desperate Kastlander pleading, "Take me away like I overdosed on heroin." If you were as enthralled as I was last summer with jj n° 2, jj n° 3 will make you forget about how badly you want it to be spring already.

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