Local DJs start Dirty Disco! Dance Party

Two DJs attempt to start an electronic dance scene in Columbia.

Leroy Lee, also known as [p33]r0y, DJs along with BWAHA on Friday night at Eastside Tavern. The duo was asked to come back for a weekly Dirty Disco! at Eastside after DJing the tavern's Halloween dance party and New Year's Eve dance.

Two local DJs want MU students to put on their dancing shoes and get ready to get down.

DJs [p33]r0y and BWAHA, otherwise known as Leroy Lee and Adam Boisclair, respectively, are side stepping the norms of music creation to create an original style.

Lee, an MU student working toward a Ph.D in nuclear engineering, started DJing a little more than three years ago, about the same time as recent MU graduate Boisclair. The pair has been working together on and off since the beginning of their DJ careers.

The musicians have different tastes — Boisclair favors the more familiar songs, music more apt to be played on Top 40 stations, and Lee dabbles with electronica. Both partake in the same process, extracting the vocals of a particular song and pairing them with a fast-paced, dance-oriented electronic beat.

The culmination turns into club music, such as the theme music from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" revamped into a techno remix.

"We don't have to play what's on the Billboard," Boisclair said. "We get to do whatever we want. Bring in all different kinds of music."

The result is Dirty Disco!, a dance party every Friday at Eastside Tavern. Though the title suggests otherwise, the parties pay little homage to John Travolta and the music of "Saturday Night Fever."

Boisclair and Lee met several years ago at Eastside Tavern. The two DJs started as mere acquaintances and the idea for these parties spawned off a mutual desire to have a consistent electronic dance scene, something the pair said has been absent in Columbia.

"You can't publicly say you have an electro scene in Columbia," Lee said.

Both DJs are working hard to create one, though. Neither DJ has a set plan for the future, but they are striving to create a community of DJs by inviting others to play music at these parties with the ultimate goal of creating a consistent electronic dance scene.

In the meantime, the two are just looking to have fun.

"I love having a good time," said Lee, who carries out this mantra by dancing on stage while playing music. "I'm probably the worst dancer out there, but I love dancing so I don't want to miss out."

Lee's sentiments illustrate what he considers the greatest appeal of the Dirty Disco! dance parties. They are one of a kind and feature unfamiliar music, people and a lesser-known bar, but the people who have been able to overstep such mental boundaries have been rewarded with a dance filled night of fun.

Boisclair said the best part is seeing people lose their inhibitions.

What began as some light-hearted talk has evolved into a juggernaut of people and music, seamlessly fused together through dancing.

"We've got a disco ball but that's really it," Boisclair said. "It's really just a dance party."

Dirty Disco! features an eclectic sampling of dance music ranging from Italian disco to hip-hop and pop.

"People don't think of Eastside as a party," said Lee. "But it turns into a fuckin' discothèque."

"The parties are for people who like to dance and not be surrounded by your stereotypical college crowd," Boisclair said.

The parties are free if you're 21 years old and $5 if you're 18 or older. They start at 8 p.m. Fridays and last until 1 a.m.

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