Ludo heats up Columbia

MSA's College Music Committee brought the band for Fall Welcome week.

Ludo lead singer Andrew Volpe performs onstage with the band Saturday in front of Memorial Union. The St. Louis-based band played at the free MU Fall Welcome concert.

St. Louis rock band Ludo played in front of Memorial Union on Saturday, and appeared courtesy of College Music Committee for the free Fall Welcome concert.

"We had a survey online and over 1,600 people voted on what music acts they wanted to come to Mizzou," CMC President Katie Bickley said. "In the alternative rock category, Ludo was one of the more popular bands."

In addition to Ludo, CMC also booked the acoustic act Without a Face to play, as well as local band FDR's Revenge. Both bands warmed up the crowd on the hot and humid night.

Without a Face got the crowd clapping, chanting and cheering during its set. In addition to parodying Creed front man, Scott Stapp, and making a few Justin Bieber jokes, Without a Face played quirky songs on everything from squirrels and older women to hardcore drugs.

"It was exciting to see Ludo," sophomore Pat Wells said. "There was high energy in the crowd and on stage, and Without a Face was good."

Even with all those shenanigans, the headlining band brought the crowd's morale up the most.

Right from the start, the audience had a high energy as Ludo opened up with "Go-Getter Greg."

The crowd showed enthusiasm, with almost everyone singing along to Ludo classics like "Save Our City" and "Broken Bride."

Andrew Volpe's and Tim Convy's strange, yet fun poses and facial expressions added to the event. Even while playing some songs from their new album, the audience stayed attentive. At one point, when the band played "Whipped Cream," the first single off the new album Prepare For Preparations, audience members, one of whom dressed in a banana suit, proceeded to spray whipped cream in every direction.

"It was everything we expected and more," Ludo drummer Matt Palermo said. "It was great. We haven't played a show in so long. We had a way bigger turnout than we expected."

The band capped off the night by playing its biggest hit, "Love Me Dead," in which the spectators became part of the band, singing every lyric in the song.

After this spectacle, the audience chanted "one more song." The band came back with "Girls on Trampolines" as its encore.

"It's great to have a fun, free show," Wells said. "Ludo's a great band. It's nice to be able to go see a band like that within walking distance."

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