‘Movie 43’: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Movie 43” is not for the easily offended or queasy. From the producers of Hall Pass and Dumb & Dumber, Hollywood has unbelievably let this twisted comedy out of its vault. While definitely not an Oscar contender, “Movie 43” is still a must see.

The plot is completely disturbing, jaw dropping and shockingly funny. It stems from a hopeful, jobless movie scriptwriter played by Dennis Quaid, who forces a Hollywood movie producer at gunpoint to listen to his nonsensical movie ideas. The unbelievable storylines intertwine, leaving you laughing and more than a little grossed out.

Countless celebrities then bring the sketches to life. From an unlikely date between Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman to an incredibly inappropriate Batman played by Jason Sudeikis, this movie is full of surprises. “Movie 43” will never be erased from your mind, for better or for worse. This anything-goes comedy includes a powerhouse cast portraying tasteless, risqué characters. The effect is discomfort and uncertainty of the much loved celebrities. "Movie 43" is highly recommended because it’s so bad, it’s good.

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