Rihanna — ‘Unapologetic’: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Record-breaking pop star Rihanna has released seven albums in the past seven years. Despite the press fiasco on her plane during her 777 Tour, Rihanna’s latest album, Unapologetic, proves she can set and raise the bar for modern pop music.

The album is steely and unforgiving, and “Fresh Off the Runway” sets the tone. The opener is bold and perfectly sums up Rihanna’s philosophy that she is unconcerned with anyone’s opinion of the record. “Diamonds,” the album’s lead single, is next, a soulful track with a tribal drumbeat. In a complete change from the opening track, "Diamonds" shows Rihanna as romantic and caring.

Rihanna’s collaborations on the album include Eminem in “Numb,” Future in “Loveeeee Song,” David Guetta in “Right Now” and former boyfriend Chris Brown in "Nobody's Business." "Right Now" has a catchy, relentless beat that makes Rihanna sound energetic and free. The controversial duet with Brown, whom she recently took back, in "Nobody's Business," declares the pair's tumultuous romance.

Unapologetic is confrontational, honest, fun and addictive. Rihanna leaves listeners with the understanding that nobody really knows her and that she’s in no way remorseful for not letting us all the way in.

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