Slippy LaRue promises booty-shaking good time

The band will be playing in the Summercamp On The Road tour.

Bassist for Slippy LaRue, Brandon Sanborn drops a funky bass line at one of the band’s performances. The group will play Feb. 11 at Mojo’s. Courtesy of Slippy LaRue

Columbia band Slippy LaRue draws from many facets of music to create a unique sound.

"A funk/jazz fusion taste (that) slowly transferred over to more of an electronic fusion" with "hip-hop beats, dub-step, techno, trance," inspire the band's music, along with bands, such as Pretty Lights and Break Science, drummer Devin Kemp said.

Named after a "nonsensical character" created by guitarist and synth player Andy Launder, the band was formed when bassist Brandon Sanborn and Launder met on, a music networking site.

"We eventually met up in September 2007 where we put out an ad for a drummer," Sanborn said.

Sanborn said Slippy Larue started out with a "raw funkiness." The band learned how to structure jams and keep them interesting. He said the music has since been flooded with new synth sounds and effects to be more true to the electronic/techno style that trance has originated from.

Kemp said they are still experimenting with their sound, waiting for their band to fully develop.

"Although we have been playing together for almost three years, we have been evolving at such a rate that it seems to be unjustified to put something out until we are all ready," Kemp said.

The group is known for its ability to get people moving.

"We like to keep people dancing as much as we can," Kemp said.

When they write songs, a simple groove or riff can start it all off.

"We'll work on the idea, build on it, and all of a sudden there is something there to work with," Kemp said.

Kemp said the biggest challenge band members face when writing songs is not only fusing their styles and influences but doing it in a way that doesn't replicate but innovates.

"Anytime that we can put something together that innovates while still keeping our own backgrounds and musical tastes in balance, I feel we have really written something," Kemp said.

From performing alongside acts, such as Girl Talk, Bassnectar and Umphrey's McGee at the Summercamp music festival in Chillicothe, Ill., to shows through the MU National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the members of Slippy LaRue have shared some interesting experiences as a band.

"Of course when you are playing for a crowd of people in a bar, you expect some funny business, and sometimes you even expect some people to try and get on stage," Kemp said. "There was one show when I had a young lady get up on stage, come over to my drums and start playing them with her glow sticks."

Slippy LaRue is playing at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11 at Mojo's with Messy Jiverson, a funk fusion band. The band also will be participating in the Summercamp On The Road tour Feb. 26 at Mojo's.

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