Android competition winners announced

Media Moguls won the competition competition.

The winners of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Hearst Student Competition were announced Thursday morning as part of this year’s RJI Student Innovator Showcase.

Adobe, Google and Sprint worked with Hearst and RJI to sponsor the competition. Students worked in teams of five to create journalism applications for the Android operating system.

Students came from several disciplines, including journalism, business, math, information technology and computer science.

“This is just really unique and special to bring together business, computer science and journalism students all together to work on solving real world business issues and come up with product ideas,” Hearst Innovation Vice President Beth Polish said in the presentation. “It’s pretty unique. I’ve yet to see anything quite like it.”

Team Media Moguls was announced as the competition’s winner. The team is comprised of seniors Matt Schmertz, Amanda Klohmann, Morgan Mitchell, Bryan Baugher and Josh Lory.

Their application combines Hearst content with gaming.

“We basically utilized and re-purposed existing content and added a game layer to attract a different, younger audience,” Schmertz said.

The team will take an expense-paid trip to New York City next week to pitch their project to executives at Hearst.

Other teams created applications dealing with connecting television, online and print content, social networking, diversifying business models and using media to address obesity.

RJI is also working with the University of the Andes in Santiago, Chile to conduct a parallel student competition. Students and faculty from Chile joined the showcase via Skype to discuss the applications they are developing.

Exact details of the projects are unknown, as each team signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In recognition of their work, all participants received a Galaxy tablet.

“The truth is that all five teams did a fantastic job,” Polish said.

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