Chaffin, Wiggins elected RHA president, vice president

Their terms begin fall 2014.

Steven Chaffin and Brooke Wiggins speak after being named the next president and vice president of the Residence Halls Association on Friday, March 9, 2014 in the Benton Bingham Ballroom at the Memorial Union. Chaffin and Wiggins will begin their term next semester.

Freshmen Steven Chaffin and Brooke Wiggins were announced as Residence Halls Association president and vice president Friday night, winning with 58 percent of the vote.

Chaffin and Wiggins won against sophomores Lane Adams and Whitney Banker in the election.

Out of the 655 students who voted, 378 students voted for Chaffin and Wiggins, according to date provided by RHA Chief Justice Lydia Harvengt Monday night.

Current RHA President Jackson Farley said being freshmen was a slight advantage for Chaffin and Wiggins.

“They are more familiar to the voters, who are mainly freshmen, and they are more approachable,” he said.

Both Chaffin and Wiggins currently hold leadership positions in RHA, with Chaffin as the financial coordinator and Wiggins as the programming coordinator. Adams is the speaker of congress and Banker is marketing coordinator.

Making reinvention the most important campaign goal, Chaffin and Wiggins want to focus on internal problems to make RHA a more stable organization.

Last year, RHA lost many executive board members, which posed many difficulties to Farley and current vice president Shannon Dawson. Chaffin and Wiggins said the first thing they would like to complete is hiring their executive board.

“We hope to start the year with a full swing, without wasting any time,” Wiggins said.

After the announcement, Chaffin and Wiggins thanked the support they had received and expressed appreciation for their opponent.

“They ran a wonderful campaign, and we look forward to work with them,” Wiggins said.

Farley said he and Dawson would start preparing Chaffin and Wiggins to take over their new responsibilities.

Chaffin and Wiggins will begin their term next semester.

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