Delta Upsilon fraternity suspended by international headquarters

Justin Kirk, executive director of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity: “Unfortunately, repeated failure to meet [our fraternity’s] standards led to this tough decision.”

Delta Upsilon, a fraternity recently under investigation by the University and the national chapter, was formally suspended Dec. 6. Maneater File Photo

The MU chapter of Delta Upsilon has been suspended, the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors announced Tuesday.

The decision was made on Nov. 19, after a hearing in which a group of undergraduate members and alumni advisors met with the Board of Directors, according to a Dec. 6 news release. The chapter was informed of the suspension Monday, after the fraternity, advisors and the university worked out the details of the suspension.

The press release states that “the suspension is a result of repeated violations of Fraternity and university policy and state law.” The chapter will not be reinstated until at least fall 2018.

The suspension means that all initiated members will have a suspended status, and all fraternity operations must stop. Because the house is not owned by the international fraternity organization, residents may continue to live there through the spring semester, although they may not represent themselves as part of a Delta Upsilon chapter, according to the news release.

On Sept. 28, Delta Upsilon was placed on temporary emergency suspension by both MU and the Delta Upsilon Board of Directors following an incident in which students outside the Delta Upsilon house directed racial slurs at two members of the Legion of Black Collegians. Other infractions, including alcohol violations, were cited in MU’s decision to suspend the chapter.

The press release states that “the Board of Directors did not base any of its decision to suspend the chapter on the members' alleged involvement in an incident with the Legion of Black Collegians.”

The release goes on to say that “unsubstantiated claims of predatory drug use, which have been refuted by the International Fraternity, were also not considered in this decision.”

The suspension will last a minimum of two years, and ultimately the decision to reinstate the chapter will be up to the Delta Upsilon national fraternity, IFC spokesman Jacob Farkas said.

"In recent years, the chapter has struggled to follow Fraternity policy despite unprecedented levels of support from staff, alumni and the university,” said Justin Kirk, Delta Upsilon national executive director, in the news release. “Delta Upsilon is committed to being an integral, productive part of any campus community, therefore, we hold all of our members and chapters accountable to a set of standards. Unfortunately, repeated failure to meet those standards led to this tough decision."

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