Greek Week ends, winners announced

The performances Friday night solved the performance cliffhangers earlier in the week.

Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Pi and Lambda Alpha Chi celebrate winning the Greek Week title Monday night outside Jesse Hall. Kappa Kappa Gamma has won the title for two straight years. 

After almost a month of performances, services and a blood drive, the Greek Week winners were announced Monday night on the steps of Jesse Hall.

The overall first place winners are Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Pi. The second place winners are Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Theta and Alpha Tau Omega. The third place winners are Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Tau Delta and Acacia.

After the announcements were made, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Pi members sang and danced along as speakers played “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled.

“Immortal,” freshman Kathleen Kowalsky of Kappa Kappa Gamma said. “I feel immortal right now.”

Freshman Bobbie Roberts of Kappa Kappa Gamma said she felt the same.

“I feel infinite right now,” Roberts said.

Fling, which concluded Friday night in Jesse Auditorium, was one of the entertaining parts of Greek Week. The top five pairings and the top four in-between acts from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights performed again to win.

Each pairing’s skit ended on a cliffhanger during the preliminaries, but the five finalists who performed Friday were able to complete their skits.

The five pairings and four IBAs, as well as the Fling superlatives, were announced Wednesday night on the Mizzou Greek Week YouTube page.

The night began with the National Anthem sung by Stefanie Duff of Kappa Alpha Theta.

The Production Dance — compiled of members from various fraternities and sororities — performed their opening dance, and the dancers jumped off the stage at the end of the performance.

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Pi performed their Sherlock Holmes-themed skit, in which Charlie Rousseau is killed and his daughter, Scarlet, asks Watson and Holmes to help her solve the murder. The skit ended Tuesday with Scarlet swinging an axe at Holmes, causing him to fall off the London Bridge, and finished Friday night with Scarlet confessing she was the murderer of her father. Both Holmes and Scarlet fall off of the bridge, but in the end, Holmes survives and comes back alive.

Abbey Tingle of Alpha Chi Omega and Andrew Scherping of Delta Chi then performed their acoustic version of “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Tau Gamma performed their King Arthur skit, which ended with Arthur discovering his bride, Princess Leona, was not the bride at the wedding. On Friday, the audience found out the bride was a servant of Princess Leona’s family. The skit ended with almost everyone getting married, including King Uther, Arthur’s father, to the “creepy maid.”

B-Frat Major, a group of Delta Chi members, performed its “A Capella Remix,” and one of the members rolled out a Delta Chi flag at the end of the performance.

Alpha Phi and Alpha Gamma Rho performed their skit titled “The Dark Hare Rises,” which left with Jane, the crown-napper, stealing the prom crown and Benny, as the Dark Hare, trying to stop her. On Friday, Benny and his dad, the Easter Bunny, retrieve the crown from Jane, and Benny gives it to the girl he likes, Claire.

The Mizzou Competitive Dance Club performed before intermission.

The members of the Greek Week Steering Committee introduced themselves. Then, the Greek Week Royalty was announced with Breck Babbs of Alpha Gamma Rho as the Royalty King and Lucy Rusk of Delta Gamma as the Royalty Queen.

Grace Rasulo of Delta Delta Delta and Drew Maher of Sigma Chi performed their IBA of “Hey Ya” by Outkast.

Kappa Alpha Theta and Beta Theta Pi performed their skit about Christopher Columbus, which ended with the FBI arresting Columbus and his friends. In the end, King Ley was working with Magellan to lead Columbus off course from land he wanted to discover for Princess Usa, so both Ley and Magellan are sent to jail. Columbus does not win Princess Usa because he discovers his true love for his best friend on the voyage instead.

The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Hayley Bublitz of Pi Beta Phi performed “Cryin’ Wolf” by ZZ Ward. This team ultimately won the best IBA award.

Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Tau Delta and Acacia performed their skit about Hercules, which ended with Hades stealing a coveted belt and Hercules having to retrieve it. In the end, Hades challenges Hercules to a battle in the underworld, where Zeus comes down and defeats Hades.

Students who attended the Finals said they enjoyed the show.

“Greek Week Fling is my favorite part of Greek Week,” sophomore Jamie Prywitch, Kappa Kappa Gamma, said. “I like everyone coming together and showing off how talented they are, and I am impressed by every pairing and every IBA.”

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