LBC Freshman Action Team plans for next semester

This semester, the team held academic and community service events.

The Legion of Black Collegians’ Freshman Action Team is already planning activities for next semester.

Harrison said one of her goals is for the team to reach out to other students, not just African-American students. The team is open to all students, regardless of race.

Next semester, members will volunteer at Granny’s House, an organization in Columbia that mentors children in public housing.

“I love kids,” LBC FAT President Mariah Brannan said. “I’ve worked with some (children) there, and I know they’ll be excited to see us.”

The team also plans to host a dinner for students and their mentors during Black Love Week in April.

LBC FAT chairwoman Marnae Chavers said she considers speed dating a staple event the team holds. This year's event will take place Feb. 12.

The LBC FAT also annually creates a book to take to the Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government that will compete against other books.

“We want to win best Freshman Action Team (in the book category),” Chavers said.

The theme of this year's book is “Your Mizzou,” and some ideas for it include adding tiger scratches to the pages, LBC FAT creativity chairwoman Kayla Harrison said. The book is essentially a yearbook that highlights LBC FAT's accomplishments during the year.

Because the book is due in February, it will not include all of the team’s events, but Harrison said she will continue to take pictures the rest of the year for next year’s team.

This semester, the team has held biweekly study groups encouraging freshmen to study more and has focused on pairing freshmen with upperclassmen mentors, Brannan said. The team has also held community service and safety awareness events, including creating holiday cards for veterans and cancer patients, Brannan said.

“The year has been effective,” Brannan said. “I’m happy with the turnout and the events.”

The team is looking forward to the rest of the year, Chavers said.

“The year is not over,” Chavers said. “But it went very well so far. We’ve had the greatest attendance since I’ve been here and a phenomenal executive board.”

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