MU kicks off Spirit Week with Trivia Night

The two-hour event asked questions in eight different categories.

Mizzou Spirit Week kicked off with Mizzou Trivia on Monday night in The Shack. Trivia questions were taken from categories such as MU history and TV and film.

The Alumni Association Student Board and the Missouri Students Association kicked off Mizzou Spirit Week with Mizzou Trivia Night at The Shack on Monday.

“We wanted to host Trivia Night to bring Mizzou students together to kick off the week in a way that was fun for everyone,” AASB President Rachel Newman said.

The event asked 80 different questions in eight different categories: sports, history, music, geography, world landmarks, movies, famous people and MU trivia.

“In which sport would you use the terms reefing and furling?” one of the questions asked. “What is the most commonly spoken language not named after a country?”

The audience laughed when a voice said “Titanic” in response to the question about which historical epic won the record-setting number of Oscars in 1959. Few teams correctly answered the name of Shakira’s popular song during the 2010 World Cup (the answer was “Waka Waka”).

“Jennifer Aniston,” wrote freshman Jared Burge in answer to a question about the TV show "Friends."

“The question was to name four of the characters from ‘Friends’ so we said Jennifer Aniston and put hearts all around it,” said Jared Burge, a student attending trivia night. “Yeah … that was our dumbest answer.”

Teams of several students competed in the two-hour event. When the competition ended, the night belonged to Team Omicron Delta Epsilon. As a reward, the team received four tickets to the Missouri-Florida game Tuesday night.

It wasn’t a winning night for Burge’s team, the Fantastic M-I-Z-nastics.

“We had a solid turnaround in the middle of the game,” teammate Dominic Vollmar said. “We just couldn’t quite bring it all together in the end.”

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