Organizations fight world hunger

Students and guests dance at a semiformal fundraiser whose proceeds benefited Action Against Hunger on Saturday night at the Reynolds Alumni Center. The donations will benefit charitable causes in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Sudan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Students gathered in the Reynolds Alumni Center to dance, eat hors d’oeuvres and fight world hunger Saturday night.

The event offered students a chance to dress up and know they spent $10 on a ticket that went to a good cause, said Andrea Molina, the Hispanic American Leadership Organization president. All proceeds from the event will go to Action Against Hunger, an agency that fights hunger worldwide.

HALO and the Asian American Association organized and sponsored the event, and the Multicultural Center, the Triangle Coalition and Four Front also were sponsors.

Molina said HALO has been planning the event from the beginning of the semester and approached AAA to collaborate.

HALO Vice President Lauren Tussey said the event drew about 75 people, which was less than organizers had hoped.

Tsao said he felt the turnout was pretty good and that everyone who attended had a lot of fun.

AAA President Alex Tsao said the organizations chose Action Against Hunger as its beneficiary because they wanted to donate to a global cause.

“We wanted to have our fundraiser be something that goes to the greater good — not so narrowly focused,” he said.

Molina said the organization chose Action Against Hunger in part because the majority of the money it takes in goes to the cause instead of administrative costs.

“Unfortunately, hunger is a worldwide problem,” she said.

Tussey said Action Against Hunger was helpful in planning the event.

“They were very eager to talk about our goals,” she said. “They were very informative and personable. They just made it wonderful.”

Action Against Hunger spokeswoman Barbara McKinnon said she has seen an increase in the number of student groups raising money for the charity.

“A lot of them have plans for their own fundraisers, or they want to donate money to us,” McKinnon said. “We’re always really excited when leadership groups and student groups contact us, like the Hispanic American Leadership Organization.”

McKinnon said HALO spoke to Mckinnon to make sure they were doing everything they could for the event.

Taso said he hopes the organizations collaborate more in the future.

Tussey and Tsao said they hope the event becomes an annual occurrence.

Tussey, who graduates in May, said she hopes to pass on information and resources for planning the event to others in the organization.

“We want to build off of this,” she said. “I’d like to see it happen again.”

Tussey said the event was a chance for students to meet new people while supporting a good cause.

Molina said she is very pleased with how people have responded to the fundraiser.

She also said HALO is not profiting from the event. The group’s budget for the year allocated money for the event, she said, and all proceeds will go to Action Against Hunger.

The fundraiser fell on the same night as the International Fashion Show, and many people showed up to the fundraiser after the show ended.

Molina said the group was disappointed that the only place and day available for the fundraiser conflicted with the show.

“It was a challenge to accept it,” she said. “We couldn’t find another venue.”

“If we don’t do it now, we won’t do it,” she said.

The group is also planning for the HALO conference April 12, she said.

“We wanted to do it well and not do both things halfway,” she said.

The group advertised heavily for the event, passing out more than 1,000 fliers in the week and a half leading up to the event, Molina said.

“It’s been really fun planning the event,” she said. “To see it come out so well, we’re really excited.”

Tussey said she was pleased with how the event turned out.

“It was a great opportunity to have so many organizations come together to make a difference,” she said.

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