Referendum to gauge support for voting student curator

If students vote in favor of the change, it will still need to be approved by the state legislature.

Along with the names of the three Missouri Students Association presidential slates, students will find a separate referendum on the MSA ballot next week, a vote for or against a voting student curator.

As it stands, the student curator has a seat on the board, but does not have a vote on the issues the board deals with. In order to gauge student opinion on this matter, MSA is putting this issue on the MSA presidential election ballot. According to the referendum, the fall election has historically had a higher voter turnout than the spring election.

"This is not a controversial topic,” MSA President Tim Noce said. “We'll hopefully get some good student voice on this issue."

If the student population votes in favor of the student curator having an official say in campus issues, it will not go into effect immediately. The Missouri State Senate must give approval for to this happen.

"This change would need to be approved at the state-wide level,” MSA Senate Speaker Evan Wood said. “It must go through the Missouri Legislature."

The legislative session begins in January, so MSA would use the time to organize what they would present to Senate in order to make the bill official.

“After we have the results from the students, we can organize for people to talk to lawmakers,” Woods said.

To strengthen the argument for the Missouri State Senate, MSA presidential candidate Josh Travis is enlisting more support for the issue, should students show support for the initiative.

“I’ll be talking to the three other UM system schools so they can have their students vote on this issue as well,” Travis said. “This is going to take a coordinated effort.”

MSA itself will not be able to promote the issue to the students. This means it will not be able to publicize what it feels will be the best choice to vote for.

“We are not legally allowed to push our own agenda,” Wood said. “We can just advertise that there will be a referendum on the ballot.”

Voting on this issue, and on the 2011 president and vice president, will begin Nov. 8 and go through Nov. 10.

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