RHA looks into laundry problems

Survey shows 57 percent of students are not satisfied with laundry in the residence halls.

In MU’s residence halls, laundry doesn’t have a squeaky clean reputation.

According to a survey the Residence Halls Association conducted for laundry services, 308 out of 544 — approximately 57 percent — of the residents who took the survey indicated the services have not satisfied their needs.

The other 43 percent comprises 228 residents who said the services met their needs and eight residents who said the services exceeded their needs, according to the RHA survey.

RHA Residential Living Committee chairman Alec Ritter said the number is not satisfying.

“I didn't expect the number (of people who are not satisfied with the laundry services) to be this high,” Ritter, a freshman, said. “It really surprised me.”

He said the problems the residents might have with the laundry services include dysfunctioning washers and dryers and residents having to do laundry more than once.

South Hall resident and freshman Brandon Spink agreed with the majority opinion.

“I once spent $11.25 on two loads of laundry because I kept picking the dryers that are not working,” Spink said.

Washing and drying two loads of laundry should cost $5 if the machines are functioning correctly.

“I appreciate that there are signs on washers and dryers that are not working, but some of those (that do not have signs on) are also not working,” Spink said. “I do not dare to do laundry if I only have two hours of spare time now, because I will not have enough time to finish it if I pick a malfunctioned dryer.”

RHA's solution for the laundry problem has consisted of three parts of “practical implication of the resolutions,” Ritter said.

First, RHA will request Jetz Service Co., which provides and maintains the washing machines and dryers in MU’s residence halls, to set up an online survey on its website. This would allow MU residents to provide feedback regarding the shortcomings and possible improvements of the services to the company.

Second, RHA will reconduct the survey next year. If the survey shows the residents' satisfaction has not increased, RHA will not recommend the renewal of Jetz’s contract.

“Jetz's seven-year contract started last year, so if this is an issue for a long time from now, then RHA would not give its recommendation,” Ritter said. “(Although) we do not have any direct power, we would not recommend it if they do not improve the students' satisfaction, but we want them to.”

Third, RHA will request Jetz to improve the accuracy of LaundryView services. LaundryView is an Internet application that allows residents to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms through a Web browser.

“Twenty-five cents out of the $1.25 for laundry goes toward the LaundryView service, and we have noticed on average (the time shown on the application) is about seven to nine minutes off of the actual cycle,” Ritter said.

RHA will measure the effectiveness of its solution with next year's online survey.

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