Search for answers to Boonville

After running out of new leads for suspects in the disappearance and deaths of Boonville resident Janice Owen, 43, and her daughter, Alyssa Owen, 8, the Mid-Missouri Case Squad disbanded Saturday afternoon.

The Howard County Sheriff's Department and two Boonville police detectives, however, continue to work on the case, said a Cooper County officer.

The Mid-Missouri Case Squad originally assembled for 10 days after Alyssa's body was found on the morning of Feb. 12.

The squad reconvened March 27, the day after Janice Owen's body was found in a creek off a gravel road in Howard County 12 miles away from where her daughter's body was discovered.

Authorities working on the case still do not know the cause of Janice Owen's death. Autopsy reports revealed that Alyssa Owen had been suffocated.

Investigators are waiting for satellite photographs from the FBI of the sites where Janice and Alyssa Owen's bodies were found, which might supply them with new leads.

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