Senator Graham gets tapped

Columbia Sen. Chuck Graham was asked to join MU's oldest secret society, QEBH.

Senator Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, was inducted into the QEBH honors society during Friday's Tap Day ceremony on Francis Quadrangle.

QEBH, founded in 1898, is MU's oldest secret society. Inductees in past years have included former U.S. Sen. Thomas Eagleton, former Missouri Gov. Warren Hearnes and Chancellor Brady Deaton.

The meaning of the group's name and what QEBH does is a secret known only by its members.

"Members chosen this year are among the most outstanding students on the campus," QEBH President Britt Sanborn said. "They are humble servants to the University of Missouri, and they do not look for praise. QEBH found them."

Graham was a state representative for four terms before he was elected to the Missouri Senate.

"Senator Graham was chosen because he defends the University of Missouri and stands for the values Mizzou was founded on," Sanborn said. "His work on the Senate floor as well as locally has proven that he is a true son of Missouri. Above all, with all the recognition and awards he has received in the past, he has a great sense of humility. He wants to do as much as he can for the university because he cares about the university, and he does not care about getting rewarded for it."

Graham said he was surprised and honored that he was selected to join QEBH.

"I like it that students selected me for an honor, " Graham said. "It's nice that students acknowledge my support for the school. I can be as involved as I want in the organization and look forward to being involved. It's quite a surprise. It's a nice honor to be in the same esteem as others that were picked before me."

A full list of Tap Day inductees is available online at

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