Showme found in campus' libraries

When the magazine Showme was published, students could look for laughs from comic strips such as Beetle Bailey as well as the latest news.

Although there is a statue in front of Reynolds Alumni Center to remember Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey cartoon, there is no statue to remember the publication that first printed it.

In an effort to cement Showme into the history of the university, former editor and columnist Jerry Smith donated 36 issues in a leather bound book with gold trim to the Alumni Center.

However, Smith's daughter Lori Campbell searched for them last year as a 50th wedding anniversary present for Smith, but she was told they were missing.

"I was perturbed how they just couldn't find them," Campbell said. The family searched around the MU campus and was unable to locate any clues to their whereabouts.

Director of Alumni Relations Carrie Lanham said they have searched many buildings without finding the bound collection.

"We haven't quit looking," Lanham said. "The volumes could turn up anywhere from the historical society to the journalism school library."

Other issues of the magazine can be found both at Ellis Library in the special collections room and at the University Archives in Lewis Hall.

The humor magazine was first published in 1923 and was a hit with students on campus.

After intermittent publishing, the magazine resurfaced regularly in the 1930s and continued for more than 30 years, ending in 1964.

Showme magazine was a mix of student news, local and national advertisements and variety.

Campbell said it was similar to Mad Magazine and included information on Greek and off-campus happenings, sports, columns and cartoon sections.

"The magazine was very risqué for its time," Smith said.

The magazine featured a Girl and Guy of the Month, Candid Mizzou (a photo spread) and often pinups of Miss Mizzou and Miss Missouri.

During its years on campus, the publication was sold for 10 to 35 cents an issue and was published monthly. Issues were dedicated toward certain topics such as holidays, politics and elections, parties and Homecoming.

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