Column: America’s new growing trend: brain freeze

Ignorance about important issues in America is growing among our citizens.

Even though Mizzou is awesome, there are crises everywhere in the state of Missouri. One of which is this awful heat.

I feel like I should come up with a pass-out plan for the first week of classes just in case I die walking down Rollins. If only there was some way to stay cool and look hella cool doing it.

I got it! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The challenge to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease is growing in popularity, especially because you’ll get all of those likes on Insta when you post it.

But the part of the challenge that we should be focusing on is, gee, I don’t know, donating more to the cause. Yes, millions of dollars have been raised for this cause, but Forbes and NBC News have reported that the money raised is barely making a dent in ALS research.

And to the whole donating point: why the hell would you dump a bucket of freezing cold water on your head when you can just donate money? Yes, there’s the whole “to raise awareness” point. I get it. But this isn’t some sixth grade campfire story time where we should talk about things. If you want to raise awareness, maybe we should be donating more than dousing ourselves with freezing cold water.

And I’ve got a little beef with this whole challenge, since it started because a famous baseball player developed the disease. No offense, but what ever happened to “Tuesdays with Morrie”? It’s like we only care about famous people and others are just, “eh.”

Like, “Morrie” deserves a medal. That book brought me to tears and the movie ripped my heart out of my chest. But someone finally cares because the person who developed the disease was famous? Seriously, why can’t we ever do something for someone who isn’t a celebrity? ‘Merica, that’s why.

The good ol’ American government has been prevailing in the news a lot lately — especially in Missouri — with the whole Ferguson predicament. Oh, yes, I know I’m about to go down a slippery slope, but so did the government, so let’s do this.

There’s been so much confusion, from peaceful to harmful protesting and who threw something and who is a victim of tear gas — and I’m tired of hearing about all of it.

Yes, I fully acknowledge the tragedy of the shooting, but is it really necessary to go straight to extremes for both sides: the people of Ferguson and police force? Let me answer that for you. No, that is never OK.

Come on, people, let’s get things straight before we release tear gas on a town, OK?

When the curfew was imposed, why do you think it only lasted a couple of days? Because it was effective? Oh, hell no. Try the fact that violence still continued, but earlier in the night before the curfew took effect. Not to mention the people that worked during hours of the curfew were unable to actually go into work and provide for their families.

Also, was bringing in the National Guard really necessary? Like that isn’t going to scare people and make them react even more. Oh, wait...

By now everyone should know not to fight violence with violence. It’s not a game of who has more power; it’s a game of trying to find a solution that works and pleases most people.

Come on; we all have brains. I don’t care how small some people’s are — they’re still brains and are meant to be used.

Unless you get a concussion from dumping a chunk of ice on your head because you completed the ALS ice bucket challenge, unfreeze that brain of yours and use it every once in a while.

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