Column: Cancers are the crème de la crème of the zodiac

I’mma let you finish but … Cancer is the best sign of all time.

Kennedy Horton is a sophomore at MU studying English. She is an opinion columnist who writes about student life and social justice for The Maneater.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a zodiac buff, but I do dabble. I know a little here and there about which signs are most compatible, the origin of the constellations and certain traits associated with each sign. I know the most important parts of my birth chart like my ascending sign, my moon sign, my black moon sign and more. And if I’m having a particularly bad day, I’ll read my horoscope. It’s mostly for fun, but sometimes there’s some truth to it. As a Cancer myself, I may or may not be biased, but what I know and what no one can convince me otherwise of is that Cancer is the best sign.

Cancers are the best friend you can have. Whether it helps them or hurts them, they will put your needs before their own. They are the friend that can be called in the middle of the night that will without a doubt come to the rescue. A cancer also tends to listen more than they speak. If you come to them with a problem, it’s all about you. You will get all the understanding and attentiveness you want, no matter how long it takes. Being very cautious and rational people, cancers are also likely to keep you from making decisions you may later regret. They tend to be able to feel out when a situation is potentially high risk, which can definitely be beneficial in the long run. If you’ve got a cancer as a friend, they’re in your back pocket for life.

Cancers are endlessly interesting. They’re water signs and like the oceans, they are very deep. The ocean has depths that humans have yet to explore. Every day, new organisms, micro and macro, are found in its nooks and crannies. Cancers are just the same. Being with them is always a bit of an adventure. It’s not that you never know who you’re gonna get, but there’s just always a new personality discovery. They’re just like the moon, which is their ruling planet, in that they rarely reveal themselves all at once. You kind of just have to deal with the pieces you get, however contradictory they may seem, and hope to one day put all the pieces together.

Cancers can also act as a type of personal safehouse. Though they are not habitually brave in taking action, they almost always know what to do in a crisis. Their great insight gives them an aptitude for being leaders and solving problems. They don’t always take the reins; they can be thought of as a whispering guidance to the one who does. But no matter their method, if you come to a cancer in trouble, you’ll leave feeling comforted, confident and secure in your new solution.

Cancers do, of course, have their drawbacks such as moodiness, stubbornness and pessimism, but they still shine in areas that no other sign does. From their never-ending loyalty to their wise-beyond-their-years judgment, cancer pros definitely outweigh cancer cons. They embody creativity and empathy, and they are certainly the most satisfying sign to love.

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