Editorial: Changes in MSA assure improvement

The new members of the executive cabinet are equipped to provide the student body the resources it deserves.

The Missouri Students Association is facing a lot of new changes this semester.

After former MSA President Mason Schara resigned in July, former Vice President Kelsey Haberberger has stepped into the role of MSA president. Junior Matt McKeown is taking Haberberger’s place as vice president, and senior Mitch Moonier is taking McKeown’s spot as chief of staff.

First of all, we praise Kelsey for taking on this highly demanding role. In light of these circumstances, we can understand that this must have been a very difficult position for you to be in. We know you didn’t ask for this, and the fact that you didn’t shy away from this tremendous responsibility is commendable, to say the least. Thank you for stepping up; we, the MU student body, appreciate it.

Your experience as vice president is a key quality that we believe is going to help you find success in your short term as president this year. You understand how the budget works and how MSA’s financial records read. Use that knowledge to make your decisions as president more informed.

Your involvement all around campus provides you with connections to many different parts of the student body. Reach out and use those connections to your advantage. Improve MSA’s relations with the student body by connecting with as many different people as you can.

Matt, with all that you’ve done in these past two semesters, we’re anticipating a positive term from you. Use your experiences as members of both the Department of Student Services and the Department of Student Activities Speakers Committee, as well as briefly acting as MSA chief of staff to improve your term as vice president. That being said, use the fresh perspective that you have in this role to look at things and change them if necessary.

Mitch, we believe that you have every quality necessary to be a great chief of staff this semester. Your experience as Student Affairs Committee chairman put you more in touch with the student body, which is exactly what MSA needs.This experience allows you to be a bridge between the legislative and executive branches.Your goal to make MU a more inclusive place makes you, and the entire cabinet, more approachable.

With all of these new members added to the executive cabinet, we are hoping to see some changes made to the way MSA handles things.

A lot of the legislation that came out of MSA Senate last semester didn’t directly affect the student body, but instead merely altered the infrastructure of MSA. We want to see you, as a student government, focus on the student body more than the bylaws. Use all of the various connections you have as a student government to connect with the rest of MU.

Along with this connection to the students, we hope you guys are more transparent with the student body. Show us what you’re doing and explain why you’re doing it. We simply want to know that you have our best interests in mind, and transparency shows us that there is nothing to be wary of. Communicate with us so that we can have a healthier, more important relationship.

We’ve seen you talk the talk. Now, we want to see you walk the walk. You’ve been saying recently that you’re going to improve communications, be more available and create a good work dynamic between one another. We know that it’s only the second week of school, but we’d love it if we saw you guys acting on your words.

We’re anticipating a good year for MSA. We hope that you are too.

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