Letter to the Editor: Column makes incorrect incorporation of stereotypes

Even if you’ve been right before, judging intent in romantic interest could cause you to miss out.

This article, (The friend zone is sexist), started out well.

The author managed to stay away from using stereotypes of their own for about 1/3 of it, mentioning both romantic and sexual desires as the reason a person becomes the 'nice guy.’

Then the author allowed their own skew of vision to creep in and romantics mysteriously vanished! "You know, the part where someone is ‘nice’ up until the point that sex is off the table."

An article written with the attempt to remove stereotypes becomes unappealing when stereotypes are ignorantly incorporated. If someone wants to be nice to you, let them be nice to you and do not take it upon yourself to determine their reasoning, because even if you have been right 100 times before, your blindness will cause you to miss something special.

Jonathan Grewing, ek0dek033@hotmail.com

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