Obama, McCain don't match up to Nader

I remember on the primary campaign trail for the Democratic nomination, Dennis Kucinich, one of the last true Democrats with a spine in Congress (or perhaps the entire Democratic Party), said something along the lines of, "If you don't vote with your conscience, you get what you deserve." And who could forget George Carlin's witty segment about "selfish, ignorant voters"? It illustrated what's wrong with us as a society perfectly. Is it true in a way that "the public sucks"? I think so. You see, we keep voting for the same failed two-party system, and we never demand more from our politics. Congress has a 12 percent approval rating, yet no one complains about the actual system. They just go on and on about the politicians, as if politics is supposed to be extremely corrupt. You hear about some new political scandal on the news almost every day. And we don't demand that the two parties actually get things done, other than just acquire power, make politics a living (not public service) and do nothing. And then we wonder why things are the way they are. It's time to rise up, America. Wake up! Stop voting for these two major parties all the time. Think outside the box a little. "Strategic voting" is hardly strategic. It's just dumb. When did voting become a game of Battleship? Being a liberal or moderate liberal doesn't necessarily mean you have to vote straight Democrat and the same goes for conservatives and moderate conservatives voting Republican. There are other choices out there, like Ralph Nader. What the hell kind of a system only gives you two choices: Tweedledee and Tweedledum? A spoiled system, that's what. Every major democracy in the world except us has at least three major parties that do fairly well in each election. Ralph Nader has way more experience and accomplishments than the two nominees combined. His achievements are countless: EPA, OSHA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, FOIA, auto safety legislation and so much more. He was indirectly responsible for the passage of each of those bills and agencies. But it seems Americans don't care much for real progressives anymore. Just how many Congressmen serving today have such a huge list of accomplishments? Hardly any? I thought so. And yet all you liberals are going to vote for Obama? Oh, please! He's nothing but a utopian. Ralph Nader actually has realistic goals in mind. He can get major things done: end the War on Drugs, get us out of the Middle East for good (not use Iraq troops for another useless 'surge' in Afghanistan), expand the corporate crime divisions of the DOJ, end wasteful military spending and focus on spending here at home, not on needless wars abroad. So why won't they let Nader into the presidential debates? He seems at least somewhat important in this election. Simple: The two major parties' nominees are afraid that if he's allowed to debate, he'll get even more of a percentage boost, and that will be bad for their own numbers, especially Obama's. They don't care about expanding voices and choices for voters and putting country first, just party first. It's selfish down to the rotten core. Ralph Nader is the people's candidate. He's not beholden to any special interests. If you're sick of this same tired system, vote third-party/Independent in this election. If you want real, progressive change, vote Ralph Nader. He's the one with real vision, not hollow rhetoric, as you'll see with Obama and McCain.

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