Editorial: Re-elect Senator Claire McCaskill

This is common sense.

Sen. Claire McCaskill has not only been an active, bipartisan member of Senate — her opponent has made Missouri the laughingstock of the country.

Todd Akin's policies and mindset are outdated and don't belong in 2012, much less to someone representing the state. From Akin's comments on "legitimate rape" to his characterizing McCaskill as not "ladylike" for being a strong competitor, Akin's comments have been nothing but embarrassing for the state. There's no reason to give him six years with a louder microphone.

Even if Akin wasn't such a blemish, there's no reason to oust McCaskill.

She's been a player in passing bills that have directly benefited students — she voted to keep the student loan interest rate from doubling, removed the middlemen in federal student loans, helped pass the Higher Education Opportunity Act and increased access to Pell Grants.

Having worked her way through college, McCaskill seems like she understands the plight of students. Meanwhile, Akin wants to pull all federal assistance for students, including loans and Pell Grants.

McCaskill also voted for the Affordable Care Act, while Akin supports repealing it. On women's issues, she's pledged to protect Planned Parenthood and supported the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Akin couldn't be farther away from her position.

Besides his misunderstanding of basic eighth grade biology, Akin doesn't support abortion in any instance, is against stem cell research and voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Akin is an extremist on almost every issue, while McCaskill has proven herself to be an effective, moderate senator.

Beyond her policies, McCaskill has been a visible member of the Senate and stayed visible in the state. She listens to her constituents and seems to really care about their wants and needs.

McCaskill has been an excellent Missouri senator for six years. She’s been a beacon of rationality in a campaign season that's turned into a circus, and her record as a senator is impeccable. She deserves reelection.

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