Columbia man chokes wife, barricades himself in house

None of the victims were harmed.

A Columbia man barricaded himself in his house from police after attempting to choke his pregnant wife.

Stephen Mitchell, 24, is wanted on a report of domestic assault after attempting to choke his wife at 12:57 a.m. Monday, according to a Columbia Police Department report. The assault occurred at 1427 Bodie Drive.

The victim, 23, is pregnant. There is no evidence suggesting her or the unborn child sustained any serious injuries, CPD spokeswoman Latisha Stroer said.

“I have no information that the victim went to the hospital last night,” Stroer said.

The suspect's brother, who was at the house at the time of the assault, called the police. The brother and the victim's two children, who are 4 and 6 years old, were able to get out of the house. No injuries were sustained.

When law enforcement arrived, the suspect barricaded himself in the residence. He was in possession of a gun, Stroer said.

The victim was able to get out of the residence, Stroer said.

After arriving at the house, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol created a perimeter and used a bullhorn to try to make contact with the suspect, who did not respond in any way to the police.

After the failed attempt to make contact with the suspect, the police cleared the area at 4:45 a.m., leaving the suspect alone in the residence.

Mitchell never pointed the gun at any of the victims or threatened to harm any of them., but he did threaten to harm himself, Stroer said.

“Based on all of the information provided by the victims, the suspect did not pose an immediate danger to others,” the CPD news release stated.

A warrant request for Stephen Mitchell has been submitted to the Boone County Prosecutors Office for second-degree domestic assault. There is no report the warrant requested has been granted as of Monday afternoon.

Second-degree domestic assault is a class C felony in the state of Missouri. Suspects found guilty of a class C felony in the state of Missouri could face no more than seven years in prison.

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