Column: Obama shoots down gun rights

Open your local newspaper and look through the section of public notices. What would you think when you came across the following notice?

"Your police department is sponsoring a buyback program for potentially harmful books. If you own any books that could be considered dangerous, bring them to police headquarters on Saturday. Your police department will safely destroy these harmful books. You will be paid $5 for each book you contribute to the buyback, no questions asked! Thank you for supporting public safety!"

This public notice is offensive to say the least. You might be asking yourself, why would the government try to buyback our constitutional freedoms?

To my knowledge, book buybacks don't exist, but the concept reinforces an important point: The government has no place buying back our constitutionally guaranteed rights.  

For years, liberal politicians like presidential candidate Barack Obama have supported gun buybacks along with other efforts aimed at destroying our second amendment freedoms. Could you support a politician who voted for a ban on book or newspaper publication? Obama supports something very similar, but instead of ending our right to free speech, he is spending his time working to end our right to bear arms. In 2003, while still serving in the Illinois Senate, he voted to ban private gun ownership across the state. In the U.S. Senate, Obama voted for a law to prevent private purchases of hunting ammunition. His record of consistent opposition to the constitution is frightening.

Most people who blindly oppose their own constitutional freedom generally have pretty poor reasons for doing so. Most opponents to the second amendment cite public safety as their reason for limiting civil liberties. They say that guns are dangerous, guns cause criminals to commit crimes and kill innocent bystanders. These anti-constitution crusaders tell us that we need to restrict our rights, that fewer guns will translate to fewer crimes. This just isn't reality.

Here is the reality: criminals are law-breaking low lives, and they don't follow the law. A vast majority of the firearms used in the commission of crimes are obtained illegally. The criminal who wants a gun can easily get one. Gun laws don't apply to criminals: they only keep guns from the law-abiding citizens.

Everyone can agree that reasonable standards should exist to prevent the sale of firearms to felons. Obama takes it way too far. He doesn't even support your right to defend yourself, your home or your family. In the Illinois Senate, he voted to ban handgun ownership and to prosecute those who use a firearm in self-defense. Obama's view on guns does not even come close to the mainstream - it's radical. It is so easy to see why he's been designated as our nation's most liberal senator.

In European kingdoms, undemocratic rulers would prevent their citizens from owning guns. With no chance of insurrection, these dictatorial rulers exercised absolute power over their citizenry. More citizens own guns in this country than in any other nation. Today, we are the freest nation on Earth and our government imposes one of the lowest tax burdens in the free world. I don't think that our limited government occurs only by chance.   

Freedom is always one generation away from extension. I am not prepared to give up my freedom, or my gun, ever.


Marcus Bowen is a former vice president of the MU College Republicans, and serves with the Jackson County Republican Party. He can be reached at


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