Top 5 student orgs

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1. Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Mizzou Alternative Breaks continues to grow every year, and this year was no exception. The program hosted 52 trips over the spring, which brought 650 participants to 44 cities for various service projects. The program also added two international trips and 12 winter break trips, prompting its name change from “Alternative Spring Break” to the broader “Mizzou Alternative Breaks.”

2. Tiger Pantry

It has only been a year and a half since Tiger Pantry opened its doors, yet it is functioning like a professional food bank. The pantry served 824 people over the school year from MU students to staff and faculty, adding to the distribution total of 37,000 pounds of food and counting.

3. Greek Allies

One of the newest organizations this year was Greek Allies, which created a bridge between the Greek and LGBT communities. The group provides a thoughtful and necessary dialogue about what it means to be out in the Greek community — which, as the founders of the organization said, is not such an unaccepting community as commonly believed — while simultaneously improving understanding and awareness within the community.

4. Asian American Association

Triple A has made it clear that it has everyone’s back. The organization has provided a welcoming community for Asian-American students and non-Asian-American students alike with successful and interesting events throughout the year, especially during Asian American Awareness Month. Plus, AAA members are helping tackle diversity issues all over campus, too. Vice President Young Kwon, who won the Chancellor’s Excellence Award Emerging Leadership Award, and former-AAA President Victoria Yu, who is now the Missouri Students Association chief diversity officer, have greatly increased these efforts.

5. MU Improv

MU Improv has expanded beyond just its loyal fan base this year. Four students won first place at the Heartland Regional College Improv Tournament in January, and the organization, along with the Department of Student Activities, hosted the CoMotion Improv Festival in March. Both have been great opportunities for these student comedians to showcase their skills to wider audiences.

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