Beards In, Mullets Out

Boehm has no plans to get entirely rid of his facial hair: “I did that and I looked like I was 16 years old.”

Sheared of his master plan and a good chunk of hair, junior center Evan Boehm left practice with a new hairdo. Boehm tried his best to maintain his signature Grizzly Adams look, but a controversial decision forcibly changed it all.

Boehm and sophomore quarterback Maty Mauk schemed a ‘Beards and Mullets’ look for the Missouri offensive line. Ultimately, the Mizzou coaching staff exercised its veto power to cut the players’ plan and their hair.

Repeatedly, quarterbacks coach Andy Hill told Mauk that the Beards and Mullets would never reach fruition, according to Boehm. The players pushed back. But, Hill remained steadfast maintaining a stern “no.”

Following the rejection of his initial plan, Boehm hatched yet another cosmetic concept.

“Out of respect for the coaches, the offensive line decided instead of the beards and mullets to just grow out the beards and shave our heads,” he said. “I do not think I am going to shave the beard off one hundred percent like I did last year; I did that and I looked like I was 16 years old.”

Other offensive starters did not share Boehm’s enthusiasm for the initial Beards and Mullets pitch, including sophomore tight end Sean Culkin.

“They were not going to get a mullet on me from the beginning,” said Culkin, who keeps his long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. “They could have tried, but I have been growing my hair too long to chop off the front half.

“I think we are going still keep the beards going, which will be a cool look. Mitch Morse probably has the best beard, it is full and it is just the best one.”

Morse, Mizzou’s starting left tackle and one four senior captains for the team, is also a little relieved there was a change in plans.

“I am not too bummed out,” Morse said, who has already shaved his head. “(Evan) was trying to drag me in too a little bit, but it was a good time. But (Anthony) Gatti probably has the best beard on the offensive line, I am just trying to play along with that.”

Consistency can be seen as key in football. Perhaps nothing in Columbia is more consistent than the offensive line’s new look.

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